Secrets In The Hot Spring Review: A good Taiwanese horror comedy

Secrets in the Hot Spring is a 2018 Taiwanese comedy horror feature film written and directed by Kuan-Hui Lin (as Guan-Hui Lin). The movie stars Ting-hu Zhang, Sing Hom, He-Hsuan Lin and Mimi Chu.

When three teen outcasts arrive at a hot springs hotel to help run things, creepy incidents prompt comical efforts to find what lurks in their midst…

“Taiwanese horror comedy Secrets in the Hot Spring (Suoi Ma) proves an invigorating summer treat. Thanks to lively direction from first-timer Lin Kuan-hui and winning chemistry between the film’s trio of heartthrob leads”. James Marsh, South China Morning Post.

“Who knew that a goofy horror-comedy flick (phim hai ma) could contain so much heart?” Yip Wai Yee, The Straits Times

“Normally I would feel pretty comfortable recommending it because its genuinely a funny.Well made and pretty unique experience. However its short comings make this hard. If you are fine with seeing what may (or may not I am still unsure) be some homophobic attitudes then you should watch this.”

The Story: Xiao Jin is a 20 year old delinquent high schooler who gets a call from his grandparents. And returns to the old family spa hotel with his friends. Lu Qun and Little Princess, only to find out that the hotel is haunt.

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