Colt 45 2014 Review: It has cool tactical and expertly staged action scenes

God damn!! French really know how to make fantastic, kickass, good looking stylish action movie that keeps you “on the edge of your seat”.

Colt 45 (Bay Ngam) is one tough motherf***! Lean, mean, gritty, violent, fast paced, very intense, dark and well written but still very entertaining action flick with a fantastic, sharp and brutal action, twist or two, and couple of moments that…well…I won’t say shocked me, but they sure did surprised the hell out of me! And all that in under less then 85 minutes with end credit’s!

Ok, I wouldn’t say that this movie offer’s something new, something we didn’t see before…it’s a movie about police corruption, shady people and wrong life choices! But the story is interesting and easy to follow, but far from predictable (at least to me). The moment you think you know where the story goes next…BAM! There’s something happens to reassure you! Sure, it ends the only possible way, but the journey to that point is full of surprises and intense and bloody moments! Things sure gets extremely ugly and violent by the end of it! But I won’t go much into details because I would be spoiling it!

Anyway, I say the low 5.7/10 rating on imdb….IMO this is really underrated flick that deserves more attention and higher ratings! Hell, I will go that far and say that COLT 45 almost feels and look’s like French Michael Mann movie! It’s deep and gritty enough, its character driven, it has cool tactical and expertly staged action scenes (phim hanh dong 2021). And it hits hard like Mann’s best work! I say watch it!

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