Dragon on Fire 1978 Review: A typical Kung Fu Movie

John Liu, the legendary Northern Kick expert is sent to investigate an antiques smuggling gang working out of Canton.

Dragon on Fire (Khoai Quyen Quai Chieu) is typical Kung Fu Movie with the following classic elements:

1) One-on-one fight with Bolo Yeung – A must have in my mind! I really enjoy finding him under some pseudonym or another and am disappointed when he doesn’t appear!

2) Drunk/poverty stricken/opium smoking type Master with the weird and strange training techniques.

3) Bruce Lei look-a-like with: Ripped off shirt, Licking of blood, Side ways glances, Weapon demonstration.

4) Extreme lack of females on screen.

5) European persons as the masterminds of the criminal ring.

6) So synchophant skinny guy kow towing to the foreigners.

The variety of threads tying the martial art movie (phim vo thuat xua) together give it a bit more plot than most of them do. This came in a set of ten, can’t wait to get to the others!

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