18 Golden Destroyers 1985 Review: This is not well-made, and is only infrequently amusing

The 18 Legendary Bronzeman of Shaolin are unearthed after a long slumber by an evil monk. They are ready to take on the modern world, but is the world ready for them? Some things don’t die quietly.

The title-credit sequence offers a knockdown-drag-out kung fu film(phim vo thuat xua) about Shaolin Temple, set in the ming dynasty.

Unfortunately, this sequence has absolutely NOTHING to do with the rest of 18 Golden Destroyers(Thap Bat Dong Nhan). Which is a mid-’70s Phillipino adventure film set in the 20th Century.

Does anybody smell Joseph Lai and his directorial better half Godfrey Ho (here listed as “Gordon Chan”- no relation to Gordan “Fist of Legend” Chan of the later ’80s)? Yep – it’s another worthless hodgepodge from IFD films.

Actually – I should admit that some of the IFD material is really very amusing. Some of these films are almost well-made.

However, this is not well-made, and is only infrequently amusing.

See if you can find a copy of “Raiders of Buddhist Kungfu” to watch, instead – another badly made Ho film. But at least it’s amusing.

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