‘Come Play’ movie features a three-dimensional horror character ‘Larry’, brought to life by the art of puppetry

The character Larry is sure to give us the chills

Larry is terrifying. He has very scratchy nails, too, and it’s not nice when he holds your hand. Director Jacob Chase wanted Larry to be a physical presence in the feature, which is not a usual industry practice. In a lot of movies like this, the Larry creature would be done with all visual effects, and that has become the standard. However, the producers recognised that CGI wouldn’t do in this instance; a three-dimensional Larry was necessary to impart the immediacy and physicality Chase was seeking for the feature. Moreover, a practical effect would be a boon for the cast and having that physical being to act off is valuable, especially when working with kids.


Chase’s experience making haunted houses was evident in Larry’s appearance, “I made Larry as a half puppet, half costume thing because I was used to making practical props, puppets and monsters,” he recalls. “It ended up working really well because it felt like Larry was there in the environment with the main character in the shot.

The puppet’s arrivals on set were met with excited and expectant folks, who wanted to see him being assembled and in action. It was like having another actor to act against in a scene rather than a tennis ball on a c-stand. The puppet required a team of three, and sometimes four, to operate and direct its movements, and presented a technical challenge to reduce the impact of their shadows and manage the dark tones.

The Jim Henson Creature Shop was chosen to create and build Larry as a tactile creature.

Chase explains, “They’re known for the best puppetry in the world and can create emotion and really bring a character to life through puppetry.”

The filmmakers hope that Larry’s adventure in search of a friend will bring both screams and tears from audiences this November 27 on the big screen.

This powerful story about love and friendship stars newcomer Azhy Robertson (Marriage Story, Juliet, Naked), Gillian Jacobs (“Love,” “Community”), and John Gallagher Jr. (10 Cloverfield Lane, Hush), and co-stars Jayden Marine, Winslow Fegley, and Gavin MacIver Wright.

Amblin Partners and Reliance Entertainment present A Picture Company Production,“COME PLAY”, written and directed by Jacob Chase.

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