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Full Version: Frequently Asked Questions
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Please use the search function at the top of each page or under "Discussion forum" on the left menu, or using an external search engine like Google.

DatelineHollywood users will generally expect that you have checked if existing threads either provide the answer or cover the same area of discussion to your query. If you have searched existing threads, providing details of what you have already looked at, will make it more likely the community will want to help you.

Q: I want to have my username changed. Can I?

A: We do not change usernames just because you don't like the one that you chose. One of the few genuine reasons for a change of username that we accept is where your username might allow you to be identified in real life and you require a change for privacy reasons. If you require a change of username and have a genuine reason (whether you’re a mains member or newbie).

Q: I really don’t like “insert username here”, how can I stop seeing their posts?

A: Use our Ignore feature to ignore them, however if they do create a thread of importance that you may be interested in, you won’t be able to see it unless someone else replies to it and it appears on the homepage briefly.

Q: Why was “insert username here” banned?

A: We usually don’t go into specifics on why a certain poster was banned.

Q: I would like to become a mod. How do I do so?
A: Members of staff choose next mods, but you can volunteer to become a Scout if you wish and if there’s an opening you could become one. If active as a Scout, your chances of becoming a mod increase.

Q: What is the difference between an Admin and a Mod?

A: Mods monitor forums, closing duplicate threads, moving threads to more appropriate forums, deleting bad posts, warning members etc. Basically keeping you guys in line!

Admins can configure the forum at a high level, add mods and manage users on a mass scale. They're also mods of all forums.

Q: I am receiving very inappropriate adverts (nudity, pop-up advertisement, dating and other non-work friendly things) when I visit the website and would like them to go away. What should I do?
A: Send a private message to Niall with a screenshot of the advert (if possible), a link to the page on which you found it as well as a description of the advert in question.

Also, remember that a lot of adverts appear based on your own search history, so if you do find a mucky advert and deep down know why it’s appearing, clear your cookies, browser history and use Incognito mode on your browser in future if you don’t want it to appear when browsing DatelineHollywood.

DatelineHollywood admin still update move rules.
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