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Full Version: Boy, Girl & Ghost Review: A Romantic Comedy About Love Between Human and Ghost
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This is the story of young woman. Som, who breaks up with her boyfriend after he cheats on her. Som then becomes involved with her next door neighbor who may actually be a ghost.

Boy, Girl & Ghost (Ban Trai Moi Cua Em La Ma) is a romantic comedy about a girl who has to choose between a hot and popular boyfriend who is always 'available' for his friends and all the girls and an introvert boy in the apartment who keeps to himself and dedicate himself to her. She loves her boyfriend. But he never had time for her ,is falling a boy who 'lives' for her a wrong move?, especially if he is not even human!

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Arpa Pawilai is appealingly cast as Som, an ordinary young woman who works as a movie make-up artist. Her longtime live-in boyfriend Rang (Chaiyapol Julien Poupart) is also in the business.

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But the handsome musclebound prop guy – always wearing tight, biceps-baring vest T-shirts – captures many adoring eyes, like that slutty actress. But also his straight-acting gay boss (Akarin Akaranithimethara) and just about anyone else with a pulse.
Som has about had it with Rang being distracted by all the flirting. She's finally pushed to the brink when she arrives home to find him drunk and passed out in bed after being taken advantage of by the predatory Catwoman.

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She kicks Rang out and then goes to her apartment rooftop. Which is of course the first place any heartbroken young woman should go. She stands at the precipice only to be held back at the last instant by a neighbor guy named Ple who's been hanging creepily around.

Boy, Girl & Ghost is one of the best Thailand Horror Movies (phim ma Thai Lan) in 2014.