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Full Version: 2000 AD Review: Aaron Kwok stars in this modern techno-thriller
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A top-flight computer programmer Greg is killed by the secret agents. His brother Peter witnesses the massacre and is approached by Hong Kong Police, CIA, Singaporean special agent and a woman who claims as Greg's fiancee. Peter is helpless, but he finally realizes that he has to call up the courage to save his own life. Clear his brother's name and protect the whole world from a catastrophe.

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Popular star Aaron Kwok (Quach Phu Thanh) is Peter, a computer programmer who's drawn into a deadly hunt for a computer virus when his brother Greg (Ray Lui) is exposed as a CIA agent.

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Suddenly, Peter is being pursued by Interpol agent Andrew Lin Hoi, Hong Kong cop Francis Ng. Singaporean secret agent James Lye. And Greg's old girlfriend Phyllis Quek, who may or may not be all that she seems. Peter doesn't know who he can trust, but he's got mysterious thugs chasing him from Hong Kong to Singapore. And only his most trusted friend (Daniel Wu or Ngo Ngan To) to help him out. So can they prevent the virus from falling into the wrong hands?

Director Gordon Chan (Jackie Chan's Thunderbolt) helms 2000 A.D. (Cong Nguyen 2000). An international techno-thriller with an impressive international cast. Aaron Kwok and Lin Hoi provide action presence, while Phyllis Quek and Daniel Wu handle the photogenic sex appeal.

Character actor Francis Ng dazzles in an intense supporting performance, which earned him acting honors from both the Hong Kong Film Awards and the Hong Kong Film Critics Society. Featuring popular stars and thrilling, dynamic action sequences, 2000 A.D. is a top treat for action fans everywhere!