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Full Version: Naomi Kawase, Geraldine Chaplin board Luis Minarro's 'Impalpable'
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Japanese director Naomi Kawase and actor Geraldine Chaplin are set to star in Palme d'Or winning producer Luis Minarro's next directorial, tentatively titled 'Impalpable'. This will be Minarro's fifth feature which he will produce via his Barcelona-based label Eddie Saeta, one of Spain's most prominent arthouse shingles, reported Variety.

Written by Minarro, "Impalpable" follows a series of characters who take a bus to an unspecified destination. The situation becomes gradually stranger as the bus make no stops. Nor can the passengers descend.

The cast also includes Spanish actors Lola Duenas and Francesc Orella, among others.
'Impalpable' will be a fantasy drama with humour, and surrealistic and political touches, Minarro said.

Stretch over three days and two nights, its characters get to know one another, as the audience enters the minds of main characters, unleashing what amounts to mini-movies via flashbacks or flash-forwards.

In one of these flashback segments, focused on Geraldine Chaplin's character, the feature will offer some lesser known or unknown family memories "which will have an added interest for cinephiles", he added.

The character to be played by Geraldine Chaplin, daughter of cinema icon Charlie Chaplin, the first of eight children with fourth wife, actor Oona O'Neill, will mix fictional and real-life aspects of her life. Kawase's character will be entirely fictitious.

Kawase competes at this year's San Sebastian with the Playtime-sold adoption drama 'True Mothers', a Cannes Official Selection label title.

The Japanese director created the biennial International Nara Film Festival, which runs this year from September 18 to September 22.