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Full Version: Flash Point: Donnie Yen is unbelievably cool in this movie and like in Ip Man series
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With critical acclaim for ‘Sha Po Lang’ still echoing around the various online fan communities, director Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen decided to re-combine their efforts for a second unrelated outing.

Thus, ‘Flash Point’ was born and with it came a high degree of expectation. But could this fresh new pairing once again prove that Hong Kong action movies (phim hanh dong vo thuat) are not yet dead and buried?

Donnie Yen is unbelievably cool in this movie and like in the Ip Man series. He lights up the screen as soon as he walks on. And he barely says anything in this movie. He just hurts people and that’s just the way I like it.

He does have a bit of a smaller role though. And the main character is essentially the undercover cop Wilson played by Louis Koo. Poor Wilson spends most of the film being beat up or shot at and doesn’t have a fun time. You are totally on his side though and wonder if he’ll make it out alive, especially in the final battle.

[Image: donlong.jpg]

The first half is a standard undercover cop movie but manages to be tense because you care about the characters. At first you aren’t even sure just how evil the bad guys are because of how they take care of their mother who is sick. As the story progresses though you will have zero sympathy for these villains as they really are complete turds.

Although the first half didn’t have much in the way of hand to hand combat, by God do we get it in the second half. Donnie Yen (Chung Tu Don) climactic fight with Collin Chou is astoundingly choreographed. And I wish that more Hollywood movies could be shot this way.

[Image: flashpoint2.jpg]

Unfortunately, the version I saw was dubbed so it’s difficult to tell what the performances were like. But from what I gathered they were excellent. The martial arts film was tough and violent as Hell with limbs being snapped left and right. So that’s another point in its favour.

It’s got a great score too with an almost new age sound to it which really creates a different sort of vibe for the movie.

[Image: flashpoint3.jpg]

Overall, Flash Point is widely regarded as one of Yen’s best movies and although I prefer Ip Man. This is way up there and pretty much essential for all DVD collections.