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Trudie Styler & Celine Rattray’s Maven Screen Media Gets Investment From UK Creative Content EIS Fund
[Image: celine-rattray-and-trudie-styler.jpg]

The UK Creative Content EIS Fund has invested an undisclosed sum in Celine Rattray and Trudie Styler’s Maven Screen Media.

Rattray (The Kids Are Alright) and Styler (Moon) recently rebranded their ten year-old film and TV company Maven Pictures to Maven Screen Media as the company looks to focus more on UK film projects, TV and digital content. The company, whose credits include Skin, the remake of The Kindergarten Teacher and American Honey, said going forward it is aiming to increase its work with female content creators and on female-centred stories, which it says has already been a priority for the firm.

The Maven team also includes EVP Film, Jenny Halper and EVP Operations and Production, Nic Marshall. As we revealed last week, the company is currently in production on starry lockdown anthology film With/In.

This is the fourth investment by the UK Creative Content EIS Fund following recent investments in Raindog Films, the production company co-founded by Colin Firth and music veteran Ged Doherty, Maze Theory, a digital entertainment studio developing games, and Wonderhood Studios, founded by ex-CEO of Channel 4, David Abraham.

The private fund was launched in June 2019, in association with the British Film Institute. The BFI, as a charity, has no financial interest in the fund, but initiated the project in a bid to help stimulate new investment in the UK business. The fund is managed by EIS specialist Calculus Capital, and Stargrove Pictures, its media adviser.
Rattray and Styler commented: “This investment will help us drive our strategy of producing premium content across multiple platforms whilst keeping the unique narratives that address social issues and inspire change at the heart of what we do. We are very excited about the prospect of working more closely with established and emerging UK female writing and directing talent.”

John Glencross Chief Executive at Calculus Capital, who will join the board, said: “We are delighted to be supporting this talented team in their multi-platform expansion plans. Their dedication to increasing representation of female content creators and female centred stories will have a positive impact in the industry.”
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[Image: ap_17147647278478.jpg]

Eva Green’s legal team have hit back at claims the actress derailed UK sci-fi project A Patriot when she dropped out of the lead role.

Producer White Lantern (Britannica) Ltd has filed a High Court motion claiming Green departed the film after her “unreasonable demands” were not met, as per a report in the Evening Standard. The company insists it is owed more than £1M ($1.3M) and further profits that would have been generated by the movie.
In turn, Green is suing the producers for a £800,000 ($1M) fee that she is said to be owed even though the film did not progress to production due to her “pay or play” contract.

Today, Green via her lawyers said that White Lantern was “in breach of contract” and that the allegations made against her were “erroneous”. The statement said she would be responding in court papers in due course.

“Ms Green was at all times ready to perform her contract, and she remained willing and able to proceed in reliance thereon. It was the bridge financiers and White Lantern who unilaterally shut down the production in early October 2019,” the statement reads.

“Ms Green is an actor with an unblemished professional reputation. In a career spanning over 20 years, Ms Green has never once been in breach of her contractual obligations. Ms Green is confident that she will be entirely vindicated in these proceedings and that the court will establish the true facts,” it continues.
Deadline has reached out to White Lantern for comment.

The £4M ($5.2M) budgeted A Patriot had been through different cast iterations but was set to star Green alongside Charles Dance and Helen Hunt ahead of scheduled production in summer 2019.
The statement from Green’s lawyers Archerfield & Partners, which Variety first reported, is available in full below.

This Statement is being made on behalf of Eva Green, for the sake of clarity, in light of recent reports in the media of the legal action she has brought against White Lantern Film (Britannica) Ltd relating to a proposed feature film provisionally entitled “A Patriot”. Ms Green initiated the legal proceedings against White Lantern Film (Britannica) Limited because they are in breach of contract. All the details of Ms Green’s legal action are set out within her initial claim lodged at the London High Court on 4 June. In response White Lantern has made a number of erroneous allegations which Ms Green totally denies and will be responding to in court papers in due course. Ms Green was at all times ready to perform her contract, and she remained willing and able to proceed in reliance thereon. It was the bridge financiers and White Lantern who unilaterally shut down the production in early October 2019.

Ms Green is an actor with an unblemished professional reputation. In a career spanning over 20 years, Ms Green has never once been in breach of her contractual obligations. Ms Green is confident that she will be entirely vindicated in these proceedings and that the court will establish the true facts – although she is saddened that she has found it necessary to go to these lengths to deal with the behaviour of the defendants.
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Will 2021 Be The Summer Of Fear? Netflix Eyes That Slot After Landing R.L. Stine ‘Fear Street’ Movie Trilogy From Disney & Chernin; Leigh Janiak Directed The Trio

[Image: fear-street-rl-stine-netflix.jpg]

EXCLUSIVE: And here we thought this was the summer of fear. Turns out, it’s a year away. Sources tell Deadline that Netflix just closed a deal with Disney to acquire a trilogy of interconnected Fear Street films adapted from R.L. Stine’s bestselling book series. Director Leigh Janiak has wrapped all three films, and the early plan is to run them a month apart next summer. This will be wrapped into a themed event that will be marketed by Netflix as The Summer of Fear.

[Image: peter-chernin-leigh-janiak.jpg]
It’s a natural landing place for the three films. Chernin Entertainment, which produced them, exited its Fox deal following the Disney acquisition. The Fear Street films were slated to be released theatrically by Fox, but that went sideways because the Disney release schedule is always so crowded, the pandemic shuttered movie theaters, and the subject matter is scarier than traditional Mouse fare.

Chernin’s Peter Chernin and Jenno Topping were given the latitude to set up the films elsewhere, and they decided to experiment with a model-busting release with Netflix, where Chernin signed a first-look deal in April. The Fear Street saga starts in 1994, where a group of teens find out that a terrifying series of events in their hometown of Shadyside, Ohio, might be connected. Worse, the teens might be next up as targets. The films cover three different time periods, including the 1600s.

Janiak helmed all three installments and co-wrote on them with her writing partner Phil Graziadei. Kyle Killen was the first writer on and Bullet Train scribe Zak Olkewicz also wrote on the project. She previously directed Honeymoon, along with episodes of Scream: The TV Series. Kiana Madeira, Olivia Welch, Benjamin Flores Jr, Gillian Jacobs, Darrell Britt-Gibson, Ashley Zukerman, Fred Hechinger, Julia Rehwald and Jeremy Ford lead the ensemble youth cast.

It gives Chernin a jump-start to its deal after a long run at Fox that included Hidden Figures, The Greatest Showman, the Matt Reeves-directed trilogy Planet of the Apes and the James Mangold-directed Ford v Ferrari, a Best Picture nominee in the last Oscar race.

Neither Netflix nor Chernin nor Disney would comment on the deal.

Janiak is repped by Verve and Morris Yorn Barnes.
by DuongApt at 11 hours ago
Iceman 2: The Time Traveler (2018), directed by Raymond Yip. This is a live-action martial arts science-fiction film. Starring Hong Kong superstar Donnie Yen as General He Ying in the leading role.

He Ying, a Ming Dynasty General, is buried and frozen in time by an avalanche along with several of his nemeses during a fierce battle. And bring back to life along with his nemeses in modern-day Hong Kong. In the sequel, Iceman 2: The Time Traveler (Nguoi Bang 2). He Ying embarks on a quest to find the time machine to go back in time to right the wrongs of history in order to save his family, clan and village from annihilation. It’s really a film about a man blessed with a noble mind and character who meets avarice and greed and a lust for power in his quest to right the wrongs of the past. In short, it’s a film about good versus evil.

[Image: icemam23.jpg]

Even though the film has an intriguing storyline. There is so much going on in the film that the narrative suffers and lacks coherence. The film comes off feeling disjointed and out of whack beginning with the prologue. The hero’s backstory and a recap of the first Iceman film at the start of the film.

[Image: iceman2.jpg]

I would have preferred the sequel start with the turning point, the quest itself, but alas it didn’t. And rather than returning immediately to the Ming Dynasty period to the year 1624 AD. The film pauses in the distant past to the year 1927 to give the time-traveling hero the opportunity to subvert. And delay the eventual subjugation of Republican China at the hands of the Imperial Japanese Army. Nevertheless, I did like the fact that the story straddled China’s past and present. And seeing on film the majestic cityscapes of Hong Kong and Beijing. Donnie Yen (Chung Tu Don) as General He Ying in the leading role.

[Image: iceman23.jpg]

The director juxtaposes the narrative of He Ying’s quest to right the wrongs of the past against the simmering tensions amongst his main nemesis General Yuanlong, played by Sam Yam and his revelations creating the dramatic tension that moves the film to its climax despite its lack of coherence and disappointing end. Yet, there is much to recommend the film and includes the special effects, the period sets and costumes. The well-executed martial art scenes. The excellent soundtrack and heart-throbbing Chinese pop songs, and not to mention a stellar cast.

[Image: icedman.jpeg]

Nevertheless, the film resonated with me on a philosophical level since it posed important existential questions such as the transitory nature of life, characteristics of man’s nature, and living by a moral compass.

If you are a fan of Chinese films like me or like martial arts or fantasy films (phim hanh dong vo thuat). You might like Iceman 2: The Time Traveler. Surprisingly, I liked it despite its flaws.
by DuongApt at Today, 05:33 AM
Shia LaBeouf is rumored to be in the running to play Iceman in the MCU. But is there any truth to this wild rumor?

A new rumor that Shia LaBeouf is wanted by Marvel to play Iceman in the MCU's X-Men reboot has been running wild all over the Internet. There is absolutely no truth to this casting rumor. With Disney and Marvel not responding to these allegations. Despite this news coming from a disputable and very unreliable source. That hasn't stopped many legitimate news sites from picking it up. And now, some of our best and brightest artists are imagining what Shia LaBeouf might look like set loose in the MCU. Mizuri. One of our favorite artists on the Internet, has taken it upon itself to offer up this slick tease of what is definitely. At least right now, not happening over at Marvel Studios.

A new rumor that Shia LaBeouf is wanted by Marvel to play Iceman in the MCU's X-Men reboot has been running wild all over the Internet. There is absolutely no truth to this casting rumor. With Disney and Marvel not responding to these allegations. Despite this news coming from a disputable and very unreliable source. That hasn't stopped many legitimate news sites from picking it up. And now, some of our best and brightest artists are imagining what Shia LaBeouf might look like set loose in the MCU. Mizuri, one of our favorite artists on the Internet, has taken it upon itself to offer up this slick tease of what is definitely. At least right now, not happening over at Marvel Studios.

[Image: X-Men-Iceman.jpg]

In the comics, Iceman is an immensely powerful. Omega level mutant with the ability to instantaneously decrease the temperature of ambient water vapor in his immediate environment to below zero degrees Celsius. Thus turning air and water into ice in a matter of seconds

As a member of the X-Men. Iceman often tamps down his natural abilities to simply create ice weapons and protective armor and hand-to-hand combat. But it has been revealed that, at the most potent level. He can use his powers to influence the ecosystem of the entire world, reconstitute his entire body from scratch. And create ice structures with their own sentience to follow his orders.
The character of Iceman has already appeared as one of the lead characters in the animated series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. A version of Iceman was also a part of the live-action X-Men cinematic universe. Where he was a secondary character played by Shawn Ashmore.

While LaBeouf has been a part of big-budget Hollywood projects in the past. Including Transformers and Indiana Jones. The actor has famously sworn off the giant studio system of filmmaking. And for the last few years concentrated his energies on Indie fare. Back in 2012, he even took a shot at his own former franchise when describing his relationship with studios.

Quote:"I'm done. There's no room for being a visionary in the studio system. It literally cannot exist. You give Terrence Malick a movie like Transformers, and he's fucked. There's no way for him to exist in that world. [The studios] give you the money. Then get on a plane and come to the set and stick a finger up your ass and chase you around for five months."

Since that time, the actor has seen something of a career resurgence on the indie circuit. With critically acclaimed roles in Lawless, American Honey, and The Peanut Butter Falcon. Even though LaBeouf is not someone you think of in the role of a buff, spandex-clad superhero. Marvel is known for taking actors whose main selling point is their acting abilities and surrounding them with expert fitness trainers. Stunt choreographers and VFX teams to help pull off the role.

Of course, LaBeouf's involvement is unsubstantiated. And Marvel may want an actor who is less prone to strange outbursts in the public sphere like the bizarre 'Just Do It!' Video starring LaBeouf that became one of the trending memes of 2015. Still, the Transformers alum has proved in the past that he has what it takes to be a part of a billion-dollar franchise. And his entry into the MCU might just end up greatly aiding his professional reputation. As it did for Robert Downey Jr. with the first Iron Man. This fan art comes to us from MizuriAU. We have included some more Shia Labouef as Bobby Drake Fan Art below.
by DuongApt at Today, 05:08 AM
A modern gang war movie without a single gunshot? An interesting oddity, to be sure, but sadly Johnny To's latest is an all-too-serious and often witless black comedy.

Election (Hac Xa Hoi) concerns itself with the power struggle of a Triad election. A highly organised and ritualistic initiation ceremony bookends the film. A cheerfully ironic repetition of ancient and ultimately crime-blackened wisdom, clothed in virtue like a naked Emperor.

[Image: hacxahoi1.jpg]

As the film opens, the uncles discuss the candidates over tea, while the camera glides through their dimly lit home, complete with wives playing mah-jong (this film needs women as much as Das Boot) and children ushered from the room. Like The Godfather, crime can be civilised when we are separated from the victims. The candidates are Lok (Simon Yam or Nham Dat Hoa), a highly respected and competent leader, and Big D (wallpaper-chewing Tony Leung Ka Fai), a brash, flamboyant and impulsive young gang lord.

Most events occur through meetings and mobile phone conversations - Big D threatens the other uncles. All the while torturing those who accepted his bribes and did not vote for him. Election eschews plot complexity, choosing to use most of the runtime to show myriad characters. Each with their own axes to grind about the ensuing balance of power. And the police realise the futility of taking the Triads on, preferring to quell open war before it starts.

[Image: hacxahoi3.jpg]

The most interesting characters, ironically, are those with the least screen time, specifically the youthful underlings, like Jet, eating a porcelain spoon to prove his loyalty to Big D, and fighting like an animal for his master. Big D and Lok may have been as single-mindedly loyal as him, but "times have changed; business is everything."

A stunningly muddled search for a mythic Dragon's Head Baton, which bestows final power on the new godfather, hampers the narrative for at least 30 minutes, taking us into mainland China with a kidnap, and back into Hong Kong for a chase through the city streets. This is before coming back strongly with a splendid, uncompromising finale, a violently comedic low-tech resolution to all the "heroic bloodshed". Indeed, the infrequent violence in Election remains up close and personal. Where hit-and-runs and machete battles in the street are preferred over Woo-like slow-mo fetishing.

[Image: hacxahoi2.jpg]

In essence, Election (phim xa hoi den hong kong) suffers from the same problems as Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. It is sporadically satisfying. But could either do with a lot more character detail, or cutting to size to let the plot sing through. Perhaps the greatly shortened 85-minute China cut did this kind of thing more to my taste.
by DuongApt at Today, 04:29 AM
Following the release of Hocus Pocus and Home Alone on 4K. Disney will stop releasing library titles in Ultra HD.

[Image: Disney-4k-Blu-Ray.jpg]

Fans of physical media have just been dealt a major blow by Disney. The company is reportedly no longer going to be releasing 4K copies of its library titles via physical media. This means many classic Disney movies, as well as the huge collection of classics that the company inherited as part of the Fox merger last year, will not be making it to 4K Ultra HD. The upcoming 4K releases of Hocus Pocus and Home Alone are expected to be the last older movies to get a physical release in the HD format.

According to a new report, the company will only be releasing new animated Disney movies. Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel titles on 4K disc in the future. Disney has not been particularly eager when it comes to releasing popular movies from its library on 4K in recent years. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 becoming the studio's first ever physical release in the format back in 2017. It seems the company is aiming to put all of its resources into streaming. Specifically Disney+, which is viewed as a massive part of the company's future. Meanwhile, physical media has become an increasingly niche market.

But for those who do still purchase physical media, this is significant. Not only does Disney have a massive collection of movies that haven't made their way to HD in physical form. But Fox's huge back catalog that was part of the $71.3 billion deal last year will just be sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Just a few examples include Miracle on 34th Street, Mrs. Doubtfire and Fight Club.

[Image: black-window.jpg]

Disney was also not allowing theaters to book prints of classic movies for revival screenings following the merger with Fox last year. They are seemingly uninterested in capitalizing on the assets they purchased in this way.

There may be some exceptions to the rule. Namely, James Cameron. While Disney axed most of Fox's production slate after several of the movies inherited in the merger bombed in a big, bad way. They are very eager to get the Avatar sequels in theaters. This makes sense, as Avatar, until very recently, was the highest-grossing movie in history. As such, the report states that some of Cameron's classics like The Abyss and True Lies. Which have not yet made it to 4K, may still be released on disc to appease the filmmaker. But they are seemingly in no rush to make it happen.

What is most peculiar about this decision is that other studios have managed to capitalize well on the 4K market by updating classic titles with new releases. Plus, with theaters being shut down since March, other companies. Such as Sony, Universal, Paramount and Lionsgate, have all seen huge boosts to their home video revenue in recent months. As people are stuck at home during quarantine. Disney, with its hugely appealing library, could surely drum up a good deal of business with a stream of classic 4K releases. But that doesn't appear to be in the cards. This news comes to us via The Digital Bits.
by DuongApt at Today, 04:14 AM
The movie will reunite the director with both Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro.

Martin Scorsese's upcoming western-themed project Killers of the Flower Moon. Which will find the director reuniting with both Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, has had more than its fair share of behind the scenes drama. Well, somewhat promisingly, following a delay thanks to the ongoing global situation. The movie is now eyeing a production start date of February 2021.

Martin Scorsese plans on shooting the movie in Osage Hills. And, speaking with the Osage News, Principal Chief of the Osage Nation headquartered in Pawhuska, Oklahoma in the Osage Hills, Geoffrey Standing Bear, stated. "My latest information is that they would start filming, subject to Coronavirus, February 2021. And, they will be here for about 16 weeks. They're going to start moving in here quietly. I'm not helping that very much. But quietly around November and December. So, they're coming."

Scorsese has been hinting at what audiences can expect from the project. With the legendary director calling Killers of the Flower Moon a "western" saying. "We think it's a western". He said earlier this year. "It happened in 1921-1922 in Oklahoma. They are certainly cowboys, but they have cars and also horses. The film is mainly about the Osage. An Indian tribe that was given horrible territory. Which they loved because they said to themselves that Whites would never be interested in it.

Then we discovered oil there and, for about ten years. The Osage became the richest people in the world, per capita. Then, as with the Yukon and the Colorado mining regions. The vultures disembark, the White man, the European arrives, and all was lost. There, the underworld had such control over everything that you were more likely to go to jail for killing a dog than for killing an Indian."

[Image: Killers-Of-The-Flower-Moon.jpg]

Based on the critically acclaimed book Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by David Grann. The book investigates a series of murders of wealthy Osage people that took place in Osage County. Oklahoma in the early 1920s-after big oil deposits were discovered beneath their land. This sparks a major F.B.I. investigation involving J. Edgar Hoover. The man behind Forrest Gump and The Good Shepherd,. Eric Roth, has penned the script with production set to begin next month on location in Oklahoma.

The movie is set to star titans of acting Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. Both of whom have worked with Scorsese several times over the years. DiCaprio will play the main role, whilst De Niro will play William Hale. "King of the Osage Hills," the man responsible for most of the murders.

Both actors have frequently collaborated with Scorsese. With DiCaprio first working with the director in 2002's Gangs of New York. Which was followed up with The Aviator, the Academy Award winning crime-thriller The Departed, Shutter Island, and finally 2013's Wolf of Wall Street.

Killers of the Flower Moon will be Robert De Niro's tenth collaboration with Martin Scorsese. A partnership that began in 1973 with the American crime film Mean Streets. Over the decades that followed De Niro and Scorsese have given us some truly cinematic greats including Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The King of Comedy, and Goodfellas. The two recently reunited for Netflix's The Irishman which is now up for several Academy Awards.

The movie originally set up at Paramount with shooting due to start in March this year. Sadly, production was halted due to global circumstances. Paramount then got cold feet over the movie's $200 million budget. Leaving Apple TV+ to swoop in and save the project. Killers of the Flower Moon will receive a theatrical release before being made available on the streaming service. It is now likely that we won't see the movie until 2022. This comes to us from Osage News.
by DuongApt at Today, 03:46 AM
AMC boss Adam Aron says that paying for the costs of new health and safety protocols in cinemas will ultimately be left to the ticket buyers.

[Image: Amc-Theatres.jpg]

Reopening AMC Theatres in the midst of a pandemic will not come without its added expenses. And word is those extra costs are going to be coming out of the purses and wallets of consumers. With theaters particularly at risk with large groups of people gathering in close proximity. Most theaters have been shuttered for months. Including AMC, many theater chains are getting ready to soon reopen with strict health and safety measures in place, ranging from frequent sterilization between screenings and limiting the capacity of filmgoers into the building.

While they will hopefully help to keep patrons safe, these new protocols will not be cheap. And the plan seems to be for the customers to pick up the tab. Speaking with investors, AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron recently said that these costs would be "passed on to the consumers," meaning the price we pay for movie tickets or food and beverages from the concessions stand will be higher than what they were.

AMC renegotiating its debt recently also played a part in keeping the company afloat. Otherwise it may not have survived closing all of its theaters for so many months straight this year. Aron also told investors that the company had lost more than $500 million over the past financial quarter. Leaving AMC with a lot of catching up to do. "I think we've survived the corona crisis and now we've just got to get back to running the company really well," Aron explained.

[Image: amc.jpg]

Additionally, AMC also negotiated a new deal with Universal to help generate some more income fior the theater chain. As a part of the deal. Univeral movies will play in theaters before being made available on home media after 17 days. At that time, AMC Theaters will receive 20 percent of the home media sales revenue. According to Aron, it's likely that AMC's competitors will follow suit with similar movie release plans. "I'm expecting that this is going to become an industry standard... I expect that some of our competitors will do this, if not all," he said.

However, not every theater company is so sure. Regal's parent company, Cineworld, took a much different stance speaking about the deal. Referring to the agreement as the "wrong move at the wrong time". The Walt Disney Company also chose to cut out the middleman with the announcement that they're bringing the live-action Mulan remake straight to their own Disney+ streaming service for people to watch. Rather than attempt to give the new movie a big screen release.

In any case, it hasn't been an easy road to travel towards getting back to how things used to be in the movie business. Most major releases that were scheduled for this year have since been delayed to 2021 with the idea that these projects would be best enjoyed on large cinema screens. It's clear that there are many, many people out there anxiously waiting for theaters to open again. So even with increased prices at AMC. The company shouldn't have too much trouble filling their seats once their doors are back open. This news comes to us from Variety.
by DuongApt at Today, 03:27 AM
Tenet is finally coming to movie theaters around the world later this month. Even though the United States will have to wait until early September. In support of the film, some new tidbits about the mysterious production have been surfacing online from director Christopher Nolan himself. Though he’s not giving away any new plot details. He has revealed that not only does this movie somehow have fewer visual effects shots than most romantic comedies. But it was also probably one of the hardest movies for any editor to tackle.

[Image: tenet-christophernolan.jpg]

Speaking with ICG Magazine in support of Tenet, director Christopher Nolan touted the impressive number of practical effects that were used in making the movie. The director made a surprising comparison to illustrate that very fact:

Quote:“The visual side of the film is huge in scale, but our VFX shot count is probably lower than most romantic comedies.”

Tenet editor Jennifer Lame (HereditaryMarriage Story), who stepped up in place of Nolan’s usual editor Lee Smith (who was busy with 1917 at the time Tenet was shooting), says Tenet has roughly 300 VFX shots. That might sound like a lot, but blockbuster movies typically have a lot more than that. For example, the Transformers franchise varies between 600 and 1,000 VFX shots depending on which movie you’re looking at. Meanwhile, Avengers: Age of Ultron holds the record with over 3,000 VFX shots. Perhaps the best comparison is Christopher Nolan’s own Inception, which had 500 VFX shots.

Nolan credits his visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson for helping make the movie with as many practical effects as possible. The director said:

Quote:“Visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson was responsible for coming up with our safety net,” Nolan explained. “We wanted it all in-camera, but if it couldn’t be done, what choices are there in post-production? I like to say Andrew kind of bid himself out of a job because he helped us achieve such an enormous amount practically. There were still very complicated visual effects for the team at Double Negative. But Andrew’s expertise and background in on-set effects benefitted us enormously.”

However, just because there aren’t nearly as many visual effects in the movie as the traditional blockbuster. That doesn’t mean the movie was easier to piece together in post-production. In the same article from ICG Magazine, Nolan praised Jennifer Lame’s work on the movie:

Quote:“Working for the first time with editor Jen Lame was a real pleasure. I joked with her when she first came on that this might be the hardest movie any editor has ever had to cut — and I’m not sure she would dispute that right now [laughs]. Working out all the aspects of portraying time running in different directions meant going beyond what was down on the page, as the execution lay with a successful translation of the visual.”

We’ve only gotten a glimpse of what Nolan is talking about in the trailers for Tenet. But hopefully, we’ll be able to see everything when the movie arrives in theaters. Which is currently slate to happen on September 2, 2020. In the meantime, tickets in the United Kingdom are already going on sale for when the movie arrives in theaters there on August 26. Lucky bastards.
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