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If you loved being terrified by Mr. X in the Resident Evil 2 remake last year and you’re looking for another pulse-pounding experience, then you’re in luck. Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 remake takes the ideas that worked well in last year’s game and applies them to the next numbered entry in the series. 
Here are five reasons you shouldn’t be afraid to pick up a controller when Resident Evil 3 releases on April 3. 

1. The Updated Visual Style Is Great
Since Resident Evil 3 has been completely remade for modern consoles, it should look better than the original. However, Capcom has also taken this opportunity to revisit everything from character designs to environmental art. 
Capcom has given both Jill and Carlos modern makeovers that feel more realistic. Raccoon City has also been remodeled and is now a sprawling metropolis.
 Not only will fans see new areas that that weren’t in the original game, but old areas have a much greater degree of detail. The streets shine after evening rain and broken store windows reflect nearby neon street signs. 

2. This Is More Than A Remake
If you plan to play both versions of Resident Evil 2 then you probably know what to expect with one of Capcom’s RE remakes. This version of Resident Evil 3 is more than a visual overhaul. Capcom has started using the word “reimagining” to describe its approach to design. The layout of the entire game has been redone. 

The original Resident Evil 3 was a bit linear when compared to previous entries in the series, but this remake has expanded on the original’s environments, giving players a lot of reason to explore and slowly open up new places in traditional Resident Evil style. 

Another good example of how the game is updated is RE 3’s puzzles, which are completely new. Capcom asked us not to explain these puzzles in detail, but based on what we saw, the new puzzles are much more realistic but still offer a good change of pace from the tense action that happens on the zombie-packed streets. 

[Image: residetn-evil-3-1280x720.jpg]

3.The Dodge Works … And Is A Big Deal
Capcom has called Resident Evil 3 a more action-focused game, but this is still a survival horror experience that will force you to thoughtfully manage your supplies. fortunately, Jill has a new trick that might make your battle against the undead a little easier. 

Instead of using defensive weapons to prevent zombie bites, Jill can dodge out of the way of an attack at the last minute. If you timed it correctly, Jill can sidestep the attack and then slow time, allowing her to quickly squeeze off a few retaliation shots on her attacker’s head. 
4. The Nemesis Is Terrifying
Mr. X was the breakout star in Resident Evil 2, but Resident Evil 3 has a stalking tyrant of its own, and his name is Nemesis. Much like Mr. X, the Nemesis will relentlessly chase Jill throughout the game, following her from one environment to the next. 

However, unlike Mr. X, Nemesis is faster, can leap in front of Jill to block her path or using tentacles to trip her up. afterward, Nemesis'll get aggressive with a series of weapons that lead to some fantastic boss encounters. 
The music Capcom is used whenever Nemesis shows up ramps up the tension too, so don’t play this game if you have a weak heart.  

[Image: in-the-resident-evil-3-remake-nemesis-ca...733320.jpg]

5. The Resistance Multiplayer Mode Is quite good
The Resident Evil franchise has had a multiplayer mode to varying degrees, but we haven’t played a multiplayer mode that we wanted to come back to in a long time. 
Resistance could finally break that trend. This asynchronous 4v1 mode tasks a group of survivors with escaping the machinations of an Umbrella experiment. Each match is split into three stages where four survivors work together to complete a variety of tasks, and each hero has their skills. I played as a support hero who could reveal special items on the map as well as a tanker survivor who was skilled in melee attacks. 

There is a good amount of variety among the survivors so almost anyone should be able to find a character that clicks for them. However, I had the most fun when playing as the Mastermind who works against the survivors, laying traps and unleashing zombies on the team from the safety of a control room. 
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You may already have hundreds of fights under your belt, but Pokémon Go's Battle League was only in its preseason.

The official start to the Battle League kicks off on Friday, March 13 at 1 p.m. PDT. This first season allows you to complete up to seven sets of battles a day (meaning you can fight 35 times if you have the time to spare).
 If you can win all five battles in a set, you'll receive a Premium Battle Pass. the higher your rank also brings different rewards like increased Stardust, various Charged and Fast TMs, as well as the Pokémon you can catch at specific tiers.

The first reward encounter will be against Metagross. At rank 4, Beldum is thrown into the mix. Rank 7 brings the chance of a Rufflet encounter (who will later be available at the Safari Zone Philadelphia event).
 If you win enough fights to reach rank 10, you will earn a guaranteed encounter against Pikachu Libre. Scraggy will also more chances to appear in a random encounter in the battle tier.

[Image: PokemonGoBattleLeague-Hero500.jpg]

At the end of Battle League's first season (which concludes on May 1), if you reach rank 7, you will earn an Elite Charged TM. If you hit rank 10, you also will receive avatar items and a pose inspired by Pokémon League Champion Steven.

As the season's start approaches, trainers will have a chance to catch more powerful, battle-savvy Pokémon. Between March 6 and 9, Darkrai will be offered as a Battle League reward (complete with a shiny chance). 

From March 10 to 12, five-star raids will feature Registeel and Cresselia. Other raids will feature Swampert, Shieldon, Skarmony, and more. Lastly, from March 13 to 16, Altered Forme Giratina will be a Battle League reward.
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last time we showed you some of the things that are in THE STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER VISUAL DICTIONARY. Now let get to the rest of it

[Image: EHcpLZOWoAAfQWy.jpg:large]

3. There’s a good reason we don’t see the Finalizer in this film.

Back when he was FN-2187, Finn was stationed aboard Kylo Ren’s flagship, the Finalizer. When he freed Poe Dameron and escaped in a stolen TIE fighter, Finn might have considered that his final time aboard that Star Destroyer. But sometime after the Battle of Crait and before the events of The Rise of Skywalker, Finn returned to the Finalizer this time as an undercover spy in stormtrooper armor.

 And his actions as a Resistance agent aboard his old posting helped to put a nail in the Finalizer’s coffin. Whatever he did on that mission, the Finalizer ended up over Batuu and so badly damaged by the Resistance that Kylo Ren moved his command to another Star Destroyer, the Steadfast, which had disastrous consequences for General Hux. Allegiant General Enric Pryde commands the Steadfast, given to him by Snoke six years prior, and named for Pryde’s previous command, an Imperial Star Destroyer lost at Jakku. That means Hux is a general without a ship, and now a more junior member of the Supreme Council, with his career on the rocks after the loss of Starkiller Base and the Finalizer.

[Image: kef-bir-main.jpg]

4. The Endor system is explained.

With the addition of Kef Bir as another of Endor’s moons and the one that ended up housing a chunk of the second Death Star’s debris, it’s time to sort out how the Endor system is arranged. The Visual Dictionary includes a full spread on the nine major moons but notes that only two support life: the Forest Moon (IX3244-A) and the Ocean Moon (IX3244-C or Kef Bir in Ewokese). But even with some of the mysteries of the Endor system put to rest, new mysteries appear. Orbaks are not native to Kef Bir, yet were there to be tamed when Jannah and Company 77 arrived, looking to hide from the First Order. How long have they been there in the wild? And how did they survive the ecological disaster that would have come with the crash landing of sections of the Death Star?

[Image: the-best-star-wars-quotes-of-all-time.jpg]

5. An old pro may have a new name.

Hanging out in the lair of the ne’er-do-wells known as the Thieves’ Quarter in Kijimi City is a bounty hunter with many cybernetic parts. An old Corellian hunter with an affinity for Imperial-era stormtrooper armor, using the alias Rothgar Deng. Like how Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba were hinted at but never mentioned outright in the Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, we get hints here of someone we ought to know. But I can’t seem to place a name to this now-hideous monstrosity of low-budget-augmentation who we might have seen during the Clone Wars and chasing the Millennium Falcon after Hoth. Deng it!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives digitally in HD and 4K Ultra HD and via Movies Anywhere on March 17  and in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on March 31.
James Floyd is a writer, photographer, and organizer of puzzle adventures. He’s a bit tall for a Jawa. You can follow him on Twitter at @jamesjawa or check out his articles on Club Jade and Big Shiny Robot.
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While providing the conclusion to the Skywalker saga, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker didn’t just rely on existing characters and worlds to tell the story it created a lot of new characters, creatures, ships, and places. We spent more time with the Knights of Ren, met new faces in the Resistance, and came across the denizens of Pasaana, Kef Bir, Kijimi, and Exegol.
 And, just like with the cantina patrons from when A New Hope first came onto the scene in 1977, we desperate to know more. Fortunately, for those who want to dive into the detailed backstories that make the galaxy far, far away from such a vibrant and exciting place, The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary with exclusive crossover sections delivers in a tour.

[Image: chewie-main.jpg]

Written by Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo, it does more than just help fans identify the faces and places seen in the film — it weaves its own stories like an intricate web without spoiling the plot or surprises.
With chapters focusing on different themes including the First Order and the Resistance, and other different worlds, folding in photos, maps, timelines, and a handful of beautiful crossover sections of key vehicles and starships created by Kemp Remillard, there’s a bounty of storytelling inside. Here are just five of our favorite stories hiding in the pages of The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary. Let get right into it.

1. We learn exactly how the First Order gave way to the Final Order.

The First Order made its full presence known to the galaxy when Starkiller Base destroyed the New Republic capital of Hosnian Prime, but the seeds of its creation were planted after the Battle of Endor and the Emperor’s death.

 In the first chapter, we get timelines laying out the key events in the formation of the First Order and its planet-destroying power, including confirmation that the icy planet of Ilum, home to the kyber crystals Jedi harvested for their lightsabers, was slowly turned into Starkiller Base to tap a nearby star’s quintessence energy into the planet’s kyber core. As the First Order merges with the resources of the Sith Eternal on Exegol, we see a fuller picture of Palpatine’s contingency plans the decades-long preparations for the Final Order.

[Image: star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-theatric...&width=960]

2. There’s a detailed backstory on the Aki-Aki farmer who owned the skimmer Rey stole.

Poor Jo-Dapshi Gorubunn! This old Aki-Aki farmer has come to the Festival of Ancestors with a surplus of dried grain stalks and other bundles of dried goods aboard his cargo skimmer in hopes of making some sales. Dust farming on Pasaana is hard work and his hands have seen years of labor; he’s even lost one of his two prehensile trunks from a farm injury. And in one fell swoop, his market goods and his old reliable Arunskin 75D transport skimmer (complete with the family crest on a pennant) are both gone when someone hotwires his ride and a young woman jumps in and takes off with it. 

Not only does has his craft been stolen, it jets away at speeds he didn’t even know was possible! It turns out his grandson had been secretly tinkering with the skimmer, which is essentially the family’s pick-up truck, and with the control system’s governor now disconnected, the top speed is made even higher. Though Rey regrets stealing a farmer’s vehicle, Gorubunn must write the whole thing off as a loss — nothing remains after the skimmer gets sucked into the Shifting Mires near Lurch Canyon.

[Image: Finalizer-over-Jakku-featured.jpg]

to be continued....
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Ex-cop Paul Mullan has a lot more baggage than the rucksack he’s carrying across the country. He’s trying to get away from that night, that hour when life as he knew it came to an end.
When Paul helps wealthy businessman Bernard Russell to change his car’s burst tyre near Riebeek-Kasteel in the pouring rain, Russell offers him shelter.
[Image: doubleech.jpg]
But the opulent wine estate Journey’s End is no safe haven. And Paul soon senses that his life is about to resemble one of those old black-and-white movies: he is the fallible hero, a young woman in Russell’s household the scheming femme fatale, and the outcome may be deadly.
Filled with tension, temptation, secrets and sleight of hand. Double Echo (Sieu Com Tai Xuat) is seasoned Afrikaans thriller writer François Bloemhof ’s exhilarating English debut.
Movie Info
Double Echo (phim hanh dong 2020) is about Paul left the police force after mistakenly killing his partner. Now he is a driver for rich guy who's daughter is kidnapped. He will use his skills to save the girl but he will also uncover secrets the family was hiding for years.
Director: William Collinson
Writer: François Bloemhof
Stars: Brandon Auret, Amalia Uys, Graham Clarke
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[Image: sonic_ben_schwartz.jpg]

The latest in terms of casting news for the upcoming live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie is that Ben Schwartz will take on the voice role for the popular blue hedgehog.

According to Variety, Ben Schwartz has been cast as the voice for Sonic the Hedgehog in the upcoming live-action movie and I actually think this is a good choice.
Schwartz is a solid actor already but he also has a lot of voice acting experience on series such as DuckTales, as Dewey Duck, among other things.

So I think having him play Sonic will actually work out well, not least because Schwartz is also someone who cares about these kinds of things.
In that, along with Bill Hader, he also worked on Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a vocal consultant.

Not to mention that this movie will blend CG characters with live-action actors means it will likely be visually quite jarring.

This is not to say that you cannot make CG characters blend with live-action actors but the difference here is that Sonic the Hedgehog has its own visual styling that is built off Naoto Ohshima’s brilliant designs.

Whether that will mix well with live-action is something I am skeptical about but, for now, it at least looks like Sonic will be voiced properly and that makes me happy.

If anyone can subsume himself into the world of Sonic the Hedgehog and understand what is required to get it right, I think he can and as such the choice of Schwartz is spot on here.

However, the biggest issue this Sonic the Hedgehog movie will have is its story and the whole buddy copy setup just sounds utterly terrible to me.
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[Image: minions-the-rise-of-gru-slice.jpg]

Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment have released the full-length first trailer for the upcoming prequel Minions: The Rise of Gru. The follow-up to the studios’ smash-hit 2015 film Minions—which grossed $1.159 billion—takes place in the 1970s and follows Steve Carell’s iconic villain Gru as a 12-year-old with dreams of becoming a supervillain (still voiced by Carell). While this movie still takes place before the events of the Despicable Me films, it’s technically a sequel to the 1968-set Minions, in which the titular characters were on the hunt for a new leader to follow.
Minions: The Rise of Gru is directed by Kyle Balda, who co-directed Minions, Despicable Me, and Illumination’s 2012 film The Lorax.
I don’t know what to tell you. It’s a Despicable Me/Minions movie. None of these movies are particularly good (the first Despicable Me was alright but nothing memorable), and it doesn’t matter. They easily cross a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. I can’t explain it; they just do. Judging by this trailer, Rise of Gru will also be a hit. Go figure.
Check out the trailer for Minions: The Rise of Gru below. 

The film opens in theaters on July 3rd.
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Ever since the final moments of Avengers: Endgame, when Thor took off with the Guardians of the Galaxy, fans have been understandably excited to see what happens in the next Guardians movie. And while details on the plot still remain scarce, we may now have some insight as to which two villains will be causing all kinds of problems for everyone’s favorite comic book space crew in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.
According to our sources – the same ones who said that Taskmaster would be the main villain in Black Widow and the real Mandarin will be the main antagonist in Shang-Chi, both of which have since been confirmed. And who said Enchantress will be the villain in Loki, which looks all but confirmed now – Star-Lord and company will be taking on two baddies in their next big screen adventure. We told you a few months back that both Adam Warlock and High Evolutionary will be making their MCU debut in the third Guardians film, and it seems that’s still the case, as our sources say the current draft of the script includes them both and at this stage, they’re expected to act as the main threats.
Of course, fans have been waiting for Warlock to arrive ever since they saw the post-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Elizabeth Debicki, who played the leader of the golden clad alien race the Sovereign, was infuriated at the fact that the Guardians stole from them and vowed revenge on the group via the supreme being. In the threequel, the beloved Marvel character (who’s often portrayed as a good guy on the page) will apparently be tracking the team down and looking for some serious payback. And while director James Gunn had previously cast doubt on Warlock appearing, it seems things have now changed.

[Image: shutterstock_9641147o.jpg]

High Evolutionary, meanwhile, will be looking for the Guardians of the Galaxy but for very different reasons. For one, he’s after Rocket Raccoon (who’ll be revealed to be one of his creations), but he also believes that if everyone doesn’t evolve like him, they should just cease to exist.

Of course, previous rumors have also teased the arrival of Silver Surfer and Galactus in the film and there’s even been talk of Michael Rooker’s Yondu making a comeback. None of that’s been confirmed just yet, mind you, but it certainly seems like Gunn is planning to stuff Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 full of tons of wacky and weird characters and we can’t wait to see what else it holds in store for us when it arrives as part of the MCU’s Phase 5.
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The return of Ringo Lam to the director’s chair for 2015’s Wild City was big news for many Hong Kong cinema fans, and for good reason, with Lam the force behind so many of the territories classics. Proving that his come-back isn’t just going to be a one-off deal, a little over a year later the auteur has another production hitting cinema screens, and its title is significant. Kicking off with 1987’s seminal City on Fire, Lam’s ‘…..on Fire’ series became some of the most hard hitting movies to come out of Hong Kong. Such was their popularity, that soon other filmmakers were jumping on the bandwagon, with bets (1988’s Bet on Fire), walks (Walk on Fire, also from 1988), islands (1990’s Island on Fire), cheetahs (1992’s Cheetah on Fire), and even angels (1995’s Angel on Fire) being set on fire.
For Lam himself though, his last official entry was 1991’s Prison on Fire 2. Now, 25 years later, he returns to the series he’s most closely associated with. The title Sky on Fire is perhaps indicative of a director who’s regained enough confidence to revive such a synonymous name, as while reviews for Wild City split many down the middle (I thoroughly enjoyed it), others felt like it showed the signs of a director trying to find his way again. With Wild City now under his belt, many were hoping that Sky on Fire would be the full-fledged Ringo Lam movie we’ve all been waiting for, bringing back the grit that’s been missing from so much of Hong Kong’s output for a long time.
[Image: luangut.jpg]
Sky on Fire (Bi Mat Tu Than) is completely Lam’s show, with directing, script, and story all attributed to his name. After a successful stint playing the lead role in the U.S. martial arts infused post-apocalyptic TV series, Into the Badlands, American born Daniel Wu plays the lead in his first Hong Kong action movie since Dante Lam’s 2014 thriller That Demon Within. Wu plays the head of secruity for an advanced research centre of an advanced cancer research centre, located in a towering skyscraper named Sky One. The centre has found a way to use ex-stem cells to cure cancer. And now, for a variety of different reasons. There’s a number of characters who want to get their hands on the cure.
I could go into a lot more detail regarding the plot. However as it somehow succeeds at being both convoluted and forgettable at the same time. I don’t trust I’d be able to recall all of the exact events that take place correctly. As much as it pains me to say it. Sky on Fire is a ridiculous mess of a movie, one that frequently doesn’t make sense. And also manages to be ploddingly dull for large chunks of its run time. Proceedings open with a lab fire that takes place 5 years prior, in which we learn that a doctor who’s potentially found a way to cure cancer using ex-stem cells suspiciously dies, along with all his notes. Skip forward to present day. And we’re introduced to a series of disjointed events that take place in quick succession.
[Image: luangut1.jpg]
Joseph Chang (the villain from Wild City) and Amber Koo (recently seen as a ghost in Keeper of Darkness) play brother and sister, with Koo suffering from late stage cancer. She also seems to be simple minded, although this may not be the case. And could just be down to a lousy script that makes her seem like the village idiot. It’s hard to tell.
They learn that a doctor in Sky One could help cure her. So head over with no other plan than to walk in and ask him to treat her. But instead stumble across a robbery attempt of the ex-stem cells in the basement car-park. The robbery is being committed by the surviving family members of the doctor that suspiciously died, who want to get the ex-stem cells for. I don’t remember exactly what. Anyway – the surviving family. Cheng and Koo. Wu and a bunch of bad guys all end up trying to get them back. Oh, and Wu has a wife that died of cancer, which is there purely to serve as one more cancer connection to the story.
[Image: skyonfire1.jpg]
The plot is frankly ludicrous, and frequently baffling. Although Lam plays it completely straight, seemingly unaware of how daft it all is. The fact that we’re introduced to the characters and their plights straight away also doesn’t help. As they’re given zero characterisation. But the plot demands that we should still be emotionally invested in their predicament. Learning that Koo has cancer and Chang wants to help her doesn’t class as character development. And as a result from the word go it’s difficult to care about what happens to them. Another pair of characters are introduced via a photo montage, of which is also seemingly expected to act as enough characterisation to make us want to care about what’s going to happen to them. It doesn’t.
Sky on Fire (phim hanh dong 2020) has another significant issue, which comes in the form of CGI. It’s overloaded with it, and none of it works. Most glaringly. The Sky One tower itself is a CGI eye sore, looking like a promotional video that you see in a new apartment complex showroom. The building never once looks like a natural part of its environment, instead resembling a shoddily put together bunch of pixels stuck on the Hong Kong harbor.
[Image: skyonfirem.jpg]
Other uses of CGI are on par with a Nollywood production in their complete failure at integrating into the environment that they’re supposed to set. A helicopter looks embarrassing, a bad guy falling from the tower was done better 40 years ago. And sometimes even the Hong Kong skyline is a poorly rendered CGI creation. I won’t talk about the explosions.
There are parts of Sky on Fire were you really want to laugh, and know that it’s the right thing to do. At one point a character, upon getting ahold of the ex-stem cells, in complete seriousness declares, “Ex-stem calls, such a beauty!” In another scene a dog gets run over, and its death is the most poignant out of all the deaths that take place (which includes an important character being set on fire! At least the theme is being maintained more literally than previous entries). Someone even gets an injection that’ll make their heart explode within 30 minutes, Uma Thurman could have saved a lot of effort on training to Kill Bill if she knew that was around. However it’s simply not possible to laugh, because everything is filmed so seriously and with such weight, that it ultimately becomes mind numbing to get through.
[Image: skyonfire.jpg]
It’s unfortunate that the action in a Ringo Lam movie only serves to break up the monotony of it. Rather than complimenting what’s unfolding onscreen. However it’s sadly indicative of just what a miss Sky on Fire is. The ending almost feels like Lam realised what a mess he’d made. And simply threw his hands in the air and told the CGI team to do what they want. As the final shot literally resembles something from the finale of Man of Steel. Who knows, maybe his next movie is going to be titled Dawn on Fire?
It’s a shame, as Lam has always been one of my favourite directors. And Wild City in my opinion showed an assured hand and understanding of what it takes to make a gritty crime movie in the current Hong Kong film industry climate. Sky on Fire should have been the movie to cast aside any doubt that his long-time fans still may have had. But in its current form it’s almost impossible to ascertain what it was originally conceived as – Cancer themed drama? Pharmaceutical thriller? Medical action flick? In the end it’s a messy combination of all of those. All of which seem to be working against each other. They say the sky’s the limit, and with Sky on Fire. It appears that Lam may have reached his.
Movie Info
In this driving, non-stop action thriller. The chief security officer at a top-secret medical facility (Daniel Wu. Into the Badlands) finds himself caught in an explosive battle when a young thief and his accomplices steal a groundbreaking curative medicine. After discovering the true origins of the medicine. The officer must decide who he can trust to protect the cure from falling into the wrong hands. And prevent an all-out war from bringing the city to its knees.
Rating: NR
Genre: Action & Adventure, Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Ringo Lam
Written By: Ringo Lam
In Theaters: Dec 2, 2016 Limited
Box Office: $77,639
Runtime: 100 minutes
Studio: Skyland Films
by clarkkenallstar at 03-07-2020, 03:21 PM
With fast-paced action, light and witty comedy, and some weighty drama added into the recipe, Spies In Disguise is a high flying cocktail of family friendly fun.

[Image: e707cb49291584eac90635bbe87d5cb36db8cabb...=660&h=330]

You’ve seen the ads all year for the Will Smith/Tom Holland-starring animated film Spies In Disguise, and if you’re anything like me, you probably weren’t expecting much from this movie. If I’m being honest, the way the film was advertised made this look like yet another simple “Kids’ Movie,” with the prerequisite humor that keeps the young ones entertained, but provides nothing for an adult audience.
Having now seen the film, it’s a good time to admit I was totally wrong in my initial assessment, as Spies In Disguise not only plays closer to the tween market when it comes its humor, there are plenty of homages and plot points for adults to pick over as they too laugh at the surprisingly funny and heartfelt material on display.
Spies In Disguise plays as a standard James Bond style adventure, if the Bond franchise took place in a heightened sci-fi reality where anything was possible. And anything is up in the air, as super spy Lance Sterling (Will Smith) accidentally turns himself into a pigeon, thanks to an invention courtesy of the recently double fired Walter Beckett (Tom Holland.)
As an internal affairs investigation heats up surrounding accusations that Lance is a traitor, a villainous plot is being hatched by the diabolical Killian (Ben Mendelsohn.) With every move this new bird and boy team make, they’ll have to outwit not only their own compatriots (Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan, DJ Khaled,) but also the villains they’re attempting to thwart.
The level of humor, for both kids and adults, is Spies In Disguise’s biggest surprise.
After enduring trailers of what looked a comedy relying on pop culture references and simple humor, it turns out that Spies In Disguise is a genuinely laughable comedy in the best way possible. Part of that comes from the easy chemistry and comedic timing that both Will Smith and Tom Holland have under their respective belts.

Will Smith’s cocky self-assured nature, as well as his ability to threaten and freak out on a partner on cue, makes his Lance Sterling a fun character to watch. With Sterling trying to learn the ropes of what being a bird is all about, Smith gets to show off that charm in prime form throughout Spies In Disguise.
However, that’s only half of the fun, as Tom Holland’s time as Peter Parker prepared him rather nicely for Walter’s science-driven persona. Though, unlike Holland’s more prolific role, his Spies In Disguise lead is more of a thinker than a doer, which makes for an interesting personal journey in directors Nick Bruno and Troy Quane’s late season thrill ride.
Spies In Disguise cribs from some very familiar material, and honors the sources while doing its’ own thing.
There are a number of spy movies you could cite when running through Spies In Disguise’s plot, as Mission: Impossible, Skyfall and countless other entries in both series those films come from are definitely influences.

But rather than ripping them off wholesale, this movie actually crafts a thoughtful narrative that will make parent and child both think, as the ethics of violence are scrutinized with a more nuanced approach than in either Ethan Hunt or James Bond’s adventures.
Even Ben Mendelsohn’s villain, Killian, is grounded in his purpose and mission, with a fleet of drones being the Macguffin his baddie chooses to unfurl the ultimate revenge with. His personal motivations make for some heavy subject matter, which perfectly balances Spies In Disguise’s more action-packed, comedy-fueled proceedings.

If you’re looking for the perfect gateway for kids to get into spy movies, Spies In Disguise is now your best option possible.

If you've been looking for the right film to test your children’s reaction to the spy cinema waters, this is just the picture you’ve been looking for. With fast-paced action, light and witty comedy, and some weighty drama added into the recipe, Spies In Disguise is a high flying cocktail of family friendly fun.

It’s nice to find a film that’s ready to surprise audiences in the last moments of the old year, as well as into the first glimpses of the next year to come. So if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, mixed with enough familiar themes to keep you invested, take Spies In Disguise under your wing.
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