by DuongApt at 08-11-2020, 03:37 AM
When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit earlier this year. Fargo was one of the many productions shut down before it could debut on its intended April premiere date. With only eight of the planned episodes finished. Now FX has finally set a new Fargo season 4 premiere date for this September. As the Noah Hawley anthology series plans to resume filming its final episodes this August.

[Image: fargo-season-4.jpg]

The long-awaited Fargo season 4 is finally hitting our screens this September. FX has set a September 27 premiere date for the fourth season of the anthology crime series created by Noah Hawley, headlined by Chris Rock. The first two episodes will debut on September 27, airing back-to-back, Deadline reports. Following the two-hour premiere. Fargo will air one new episode each week, which will be available the next day on FX on Hulu.

A prime Emmy contender. Fargo season 4 originally slate to premiere on April 19. But production was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Which shut down production in mid-March. Only eight of the planned 10 episodes had been completed by then, leaving Fargo in limbo. But with Hollywood slowly getting back to work. Fargo has begun pre-production in Chicago. With filming slated to resume in late August.

The season follows two crime syndicates ruling over Kansas City who strike up an uneasy alliance by trading custody of their first-born sons. A truce that gets threaten when the head of the Italian outfit dies during routine surgery. This leads to all-out war in a season that will reportedly take inspiration from the Coen Brothers’ 1987 crime comedy Raising Arizona. Which fits the oddball tone that Hawley has established in previous seasons of the Emmy-winning anthology series.

Chris Rock and Jason Schwartzman take on the unexpected roles as the heads of those competing crime families. Followed by a supporting cast is as stacked as the previous seasons. Including Timothy Olyphant, Jack Huston, Ben Whishaw, Jessie Buckley, Salvatore Esposito, Andrew Bird, Jeremie Harris, Gaetano Bruno, Anji White, Francesco Acquaroli, E’myri Crutchfield, Amber Midthunder, Uzo Aduba, and James Vincent Meredith.

Here is the synopsis for Fargo season 4:

Quote:The fourth installment of Fargo is set in 1950 Kansas City, where two criminal syndicates fighting for a piece of the American dream have struck an uneasy peace. Chris Rock stars as Loy Cannon, the head of the African American crime family who trades sons with the head of the Italian mafia as part of tenuous truce.
by DuongApt at 08-11-2020, 03:15 AM
Disney’s Rogue One prequel series cast just grew by one.

Adria Arjona, who recently played a key role in Michael Bay’s Netflix film 6 Underground, has been cast as one of the leads in the Disney+ prequel show about the daring exploits of Diego Luna’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story character Cassian Andor.

Deadline broke the news about Arjona’s casting. But the outlet doesn’t have any details about the character she’ll play in the new show. However, she might be playing Cassian Andor’s sister. A character who was never mentioned in Rogue One or, as far as I can tell. Any of the other canonical stories Andor has appeared in thus far. Might she also be a member of the Resistance? And if so, could she have survived the events of Rogue One and still be alive to appear in future Star Wars-related projects down the line?
Arjona’s film and TV credits include 6 UndergroundTrue DetectiveThe Belko ExperimentPacific Rim: Uprising, and Triple Frontier. I’ve seen all of those movies. But honestly do not remember her characters from any of them. Which is more of a diss to the writing of those projects than Arjona’s abilities as a performer. Here’s hoping she’s actually given something significant to work with this time.

[Image: Rogue-One-prequel.jpg]

The Skywalker saga came to a divisive end last year. And the future of the Star Wars film franchise is still extremely mysterious. But in the wake of The Mandalorian‘s success (it just received a ton of Emmy nominations a few days ago). Disney is putting lots of focus on getting more Star Wars TV projects off the ground at Disney+. And with the future of movie theaters in question due to the pandemic. It seems like a safe bet that Disney is going to be making lots of Star Wars projects for the small screen. And we all know how much Disney loves a safe bet.

The Americans‘ Stephen Schiff has been hired as the showrunner of this Cassian Andor series, which has been described as a spy thriller set in the early days of the Rebellion, before Jyn Erso and the gang led the charge to steal the Death Star plans in Rogue OneBourne veteran Tony Gilroy, who was famously brought in to clean up the “mess” of the Rogue One movie, is stepping back into this corner of a galaxy far, far away to write the pilot and direct multiple episodes. Denise GoughGenevieve O’ReillyStellan Skarsgard. And Kyle Soller are also attached to star in the show. And Alan Tudyk will return to reprise his role as Cassian’s droid buddy K-2SO.
by DuongApt at 08-11-2020, 03:01 AM
In 2018, ABC made a very expensive mistake.

[Image: Black-ish-episode.jpg]

After approving the production of an episode of its popular sitcom Black-ish. The network decided to shelve the episode just days before it was supposed to air. That decision did not sit well with the show’s creator. Kenya Barris, who ended up leaving The Walt Disney Company and signing a mega-deal with Netflix instead. But now, thanks to America’s grappling with racial injustice in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, a new batch of executives at ABC Entertainment have finally signed off on the episode more than two years later. And you can watch it on Hulu right now.

Here’s a statement straight from Barris himself:

Quote:“Please, Baby, Please” would have been a part of the show’s fourth season. The episode was shot in November of 2017 and intended to air on February 27, 2018. But was instead pulled and put on a shelf for an indefinite period of time. But now Disney has opened the gates and made the episode available.

The “controversial” episode involves Dre (Anthony Anderson) reading his infant son Devante a bedtime story about the first year of the boy’s life, featuring what THR calls “a mix of political allegory (an animated fairy tale about a character named The Shady King) and actuality (news footage of Donald Trump, the Charlottesville attacks and the NFL kneeling protests).” In hindsight, it’s easy to see why a notoriously risk-averse company like Disney might have been spooked by the idea of letting one of its networks air an episode that openly criticized the president. But to approve the script, table read, and production only to get cold feet and yank the episode at the last second is pure cowardice.

The episode spoke to the uncertainty and unease that many felt in this country after just one year of Donald Trump’s presidency; that was far from a great time in America’s history. But things have gotten so much worse since then that I imagine a lot of people might watch this episode and wish that they were back in that period again. Dre reads his son a book called “Please, Baby, Please”. A real book that was co-written by Do the Right Thing and Black Klansman director Spike Lee and his wife. And Spike Lee provided the voiceover narration for that segment of the episode.

You can head over to Hulu to watch the episode in full now.
by DuongApt at 08-10-2020, 02:14 PM
Space aliens invade Earth once more, raining down terror and elements from prior sci-fi movies.

I’ll see if I can get through this without laughing, but if I can’t. Please understand that the giggles are the result of being completely entertained by this wackadoodle sci-fi action movie with aliens, martial arts, and some surprisingly sharp special effects courtesy of writer-director and FX practitioner Liam O’Donnell. In theory, Beyond Skyline is the loosely attached sequel to the tepid 2010 film Skyline. About aliens coming to earth and snatching up humans via some kind of light beam. O’Donnell was a co-writer on that film. And instead of simply following up chronologically on Skyline. He devises something of a parallel adventure. Only this time with far more interesting characters and an actual explanation as to what the aliens want with their human captors.

[Image: beyond2.jpg]

Frank Grillo plays Mark, an L.A. detective still mourning the recent loss of his wife and dealing with his slightly annoying adult son Trent (Jonny Weston). The two get trapped on the subway when the invasion starts, and they. Along with a few passengers (including train conductor Audrey, played by Bojana Novakovic) must make their way through the tunnels and hopefully to the surface without getting zapped up into the alien ships. The effects in the background are genuinely thrilling, as something that is seen around the corner and must be avoided. It feels more believable as a threat in that context. And O’Donnell gets points in the first part of the film for his less-is-more approach.

[Image: beyond1.jpg]

When Trent is grabbed up into a ship. Mark finds a way in as well (as do others). And they attempt to rescue him from the guts of this truly insane setting. It turns out these aliens suction out human brains to fuel an army of robot warriors. And Beyond Skyline (Vung Troi Diet Vong) spares no expense in putting a whole lot of goop on the screen. The always-engaging and fun-to-watch Grillo gets to take center stage as an action star in this section of the film, as he kills aliens, rescues a few human prisoners (including an older character named Sarge. Played by the legendary Antonio Fargas), and eventually gets back to the earth’s surface.

I guess the ship has been traveling. Because those who escape with Mark end up in Laos (actually shot in Indonesia). Where they meet a group of resistance fighters, led by Sua (Iko Uwais from The Raid movies) and Kanya (Pamelyn Chee). Both of whom kick unholy amounts of ass as the film shifts into more of a martial arts exhibition. At various points during Beyond Skyline. There is a baby that ages and grows at an alarming rate because it has alien DNA; We find out that the brains in the robot monsters still contain the human’s memories and this messes with the machines. And I’m pretty sure Mark runs into surviving characters from the first film.

[Image: beyond-skyline.jpg]

Still, this sci-fi move (phim hanh dong vien tuong) like lightning, has more inventive elements than it does recycled sci-fi tropes. And when it morphs into a full-on action movie. It’s truly bliss with Uwais just wailing on everything that steps in his line of sight. With Uwais providing the grace and Grillo giving us the tough-guy attitude. Beyond Skyline is an utterly ridiculous, highly watchable, and entirely joyous experience. This review comes from
by clarkkenallstar at 08-10-2020, 12:10 PM
Poland Submits Malgorzata Szumowska’s Venice Pic ‘Never Gonna Snow Again’ To 2021 International Oscar Race

[Image: never-gonna-snow-again.jpg]

EXCLUSIVE: And they’re off! Poland is first out of the blocks this year by naming its submission to the 2021 International Oscar race – Malgorzata Szumowska’s Never Gonna Snow Again.

The comedy drama is set to premiere in Competition at this year’s Venice Film Festival. The Italian event is pressing on with plans to become the first major international fest to take place in the pandemic era, running September 2-12.

Szumowska has become one of Poland’s most recognized working directors since her 2001 feature debut Happy Man. Her credits include 2013 pic In The Name Of, which won prizes at the Berlin and Polish film festivals, the 2015 feature Body which won its director the Berlinale Silver Bear for Best Director and also the European Film Awards’ People’s Choice Award, and 2018 movie Mug, which again was a Berlinale winner, this time the Silver Bear Jury Grand Prix.

Her latest work will mark Szumowska’s first time representing her country in the International Oscar race. Poland has a rich recent history with the category, having secured back-to-back nominations in the past two years with Cold War and Corpus Christi, following on from its win in 2014 with Ida.

Never Gonna Snow Again stars Alec Utgoff of Stranger Things fame and Ida actress Agata Kulesza in the story of a Ukrainian migrant working as a masseur in Poland who becomes a guru-like figure in the gated community where his clients live. It was written by Szumowska with Michal Englert and the pair also produced alongside Mariusz Wlodarski and Agnieszka Wasiak of Lava Films (whose Sweat was part of this year’s Cannes label), Viola Fügen of Pandora Filmproduktion, and Michael Weber of German outfit The Match Factory.

The 2021 Oscars have preemptively delayed until April 25 due to the pandemic disruption.
by clarkkenallstar at 08-10-2020, 12:08 PM
‘Perry Mason’ Season Finale: Justice Prevails In The City Of Angels As Stage Is Promptly Set For Season 2 With Femme Fatale

[Image: matthew-rhys_2.jpg]

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details from tonight’s season 1 finale episode of HBO’s Perry Mason.

It’s a mistrial and the court goes wild.

As rich and thrilling as this Great Depression noir HBO series was with sublime acting all around — especially Matthew Rhys’ turn as the P.I.-turned-attorney who overcompensates for his demons and mediocrity with his “eureka!” discoverings — the Perry Mason case of who killed baby Charlie Dodson was rather long-winded.
Sure, we weren’t fully convinced that Emily Dodson (Gayle Rankin) was completely innocent.
[Image: perry-mason-i.jpg]

However, through various Byzantine rabbit holes explored by Mason, his gal Friday Della Street (Juliet Rylance), and his sidekick investigator Pete Strickland (Shea Whigham), our title character discovered that the Radiant Assembly of God was to blame for the kidnapping of Charlie, with Detective Ennis (Andrew Howard) orchestrating all the murders, down to taking the church’s Elder Seidel (Taylor Nichols) out. The church was in debt for $100K, a perfect tune to ransom baby Charlie with; his father Matthew Dodson (Nate Corddry) the son of Herman Baggerly (Robert Patrick), a rich benefactor to the Radiant Assembly.

While the late ’50s-early ’60s Perry Mason TV series was known for the title character winning cases by spurring confessions from witnesses on the stand, at the onset of tonight’s episode we learn there won’t be such thing in this HBO reboot. Mason imagines taking down Ennis, and connecting him to all the players in the Radiant Assembly of God. We think it’s a real court scene, but it’s just Mason being coached by Della and Hamilton Burger (Justin Kirk; a character who in the original series is the D.A. and Mason’s foil). Burger breaks Mason’s impassioned daydream, sharply advising “no one ever confesses on the stand”.

The best course of action, per Della, is to let Emily take the stand, and hopefully let her sympathies seep into the jury. Emily tells them of a tale of how George Gannon swept her off her feet from an awful marriage. Yet George duped her by calling Emily on the night when Charlie was kidnapped. Alas, she would never kill her baby. “I’ve only had one love in my life, and it wasn’t Matthew, it wasn’t George, it was my son. He was my heart,” she tells Mason and the jury while on the stand.

Mason rests the case, expressing to the jury that he too wanted vengeance for Charlie’s death when he began investigating it.

“If I thought for one second that Emily Dodson was guilty, I would walk her to the gallows myself,” Mason tells the jury. A mistrial ensues, but as we later learn, it helps when Strickland has paid off one of the jurors.
Quite often with HBO dramatic series, whether it’s from David Milch, Terry Winter, or David Chase (Perry Mason is co-created by Ron Fitzgerald and Rolin Jones, the former a Westworld co-EP, the latter a Boardwalk Empire co-EP with Timothy Van Patten serving as Mason EP and director of two episodes), the tendency, and hence the surprise, is to intentionally not play to what the audience craves and wants in the resolution of a season. However, tonight’s season finale serves us a nice heaping piece of red meat and dessert, and that is we see the bad guy, Ennis (Andrew Howard), go down. While Mason is able to get a good swipe at Ennis outside the courthouse, in the end, it’s the latter’s partner Detective Holcomb (Eric Lange) who has him drowned at a California mission’s fountain.

Meanwhile, Emily joins up with the remaining members of the Radiant Assembly of God, now led by Sister Alice McKeegan’s (Tatiana Maslany) mother Birdy (Lili Taylor). Emily drinks their juice, playing along with their sham that they really raised Charlie from the dead, even though she knows it’s not hers.

[Image: tatiana-maslany_0-1.jpg]

And in tying everything up in a perfect bow, tonight’s season finale went so far to let us know what happened to Sister Alice after she fled the bungled stunt of raising Charlie from the dead (his coffin empty during its reopening). Mason, thanks to Paul Drake’s (Chris Chalk) findings (who has left the police force and is now working for Perry), tracks Sister Alice down in coastal mission town where she’s working as a waitress. As suffocating at times as the Charlie Dodson case was this past season, what gave Perry Mason a greater dynamic was the Sister Alice storyline, and how a faith-based church of supposed healers rocked the city. The whole Sister Alice plot is inspired by Sister Aimee Semple McPherson, an early 20th century Canadian Pentecostal evangelist who pioneered the use of radio with religious services and even used stage techniques in her weekly sermons at the Angelus Temple. Sister Aimee even disappeared, claiming she was abducted. Just as the Temple was preparing a memorial service for her, Sister Aimee turned up, and her return to LA then drew 30k-50k people, bigger than President Woodrow Wilson’s 1919 visit to the city.

Mason tells Sister Alice that he knows what went down: that the church was involved in Charlie Dodson’s kidnapping, that Ennis put a crew together. Mason still has questions about how the baby’s body was removed from his grave.
“A baby was killed to prop up your church…you can look at this and still believe?” Mason asks Sister Alice. She still believes in the power of God, while Mason lost all hope of that when fighting in the Great War.
“Did you really think you could bring Charlie back?” he asks her.
“I did, didn’t I?” answers Sister Alice walking away.

[Image: juliet-rylance-matthew-rhys_0-e1597002145342.jpg]

While some critics have complained that the HBO series doesn’t really pay plenty of homage to the original Raymond Burr show, it does capitalize where it can on some iconic characters and cases in the Erle Stanley Gardner-created IP. Hence, for anyone wondering where season 2 is going (HBO just picked up thanks to fantastic ratings), the series creators don’t leave us guessing. A new client, Eva Griffin, walked into Mason’s office tonight. Says Della about her “She’s a woman who claims to be Mrs. Eva Griffin. She looks phony to me. I looked up all the Griffins in the city directory. There’s a lot of Griffins, but no Eva.”

The character is from Gardner’s first Mason mystery The Case of the Velvet Claws, in which Eva Belter (aka Griffin) is caught in a photo leaving an illegal gambling club with a politician. Fearing she is to be blackmailed, she asks Mason for help but she seems dishonest and tries to incriminate him. Her murdered husband is the blackmailer. In the book, Della calls her “all velvet and claws.”

Cue Fred Steiner’s Perry Mason theme song.
by clarkkenallstar at 08-10-2020, 11:48 AM
Five Million Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In US – And The Unreported Infections May Bring The Total Even Higher

[Image: ap_20197644001568.jpg]

As of early Sunday, the US has recorded more than 5 million cases of the coronavirus, a figure that represents roughly a quarter of the worldwide total cases.

As California has shown with its counting glitch, the actual number of cases that remain undiscovered could be far greater than the official figures. Worse, the US has the most reported deaths, now totaling 162,441, according to data from John Hopkins University.

As of this week, five states account for more than 40% of US infections, including California, which has the most cases, and New York, Florida, Texas, and Georgia.

Despite its prominence in the total count, New York has been able to supress the virus in recent weeks.

“Despite increasing infection rates across the country and in our region, we continue to see our numbers hold at low levels, all thanks to the hard work of New Yorkers to change their behavior and our data-driven, phased reopening,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a statement Saturday.

Meanwhile, California is trending in the opposite direction. The state reported more than 7,000 new cases on Saturday. It now tops more than 545,000, with a positivity rate of 6% over the past two weeks, health officials say. The only good news in California is that hospitalizations are down more than 1,000 from two weeks ago.

The situation is even worse in Texas. The state reported its highest seven-day positivity rate this week: 19.41%, topping the previous high of 17.43% from mid-July. More than 481,000 infections have been reported statewide and about 7,872 people remain in hospitals.
by DuongApt at 08-10-2020, 05:34 AM
Seth Rogen had a tough time adding improv comedy scenes to An American Pickle.

[Image: An-American-Pickle.jpg]

Seth Rogen has made his name in Hollywood as a comedy writer and actor. A large part of the actor's comic sensibility comes from an improv background. Which he has used to great effect in past films. But for An American Pickle, Rogen told Screen Rant that it was very difficult to add any fresh comedy elements on the spot to the scenes since he was playing both the lead roles of Herschel and Ben.

Quote:"It is incredibly difficult and not something that I would recommend people who are playing two roles in the same film plan to be able to do well! I've been improvising in film for around 15 years, and this was a very difficult version of that. You have to improvise both sides at once. I would improvise as Herschel, leaving pauses for what I knew I would later improvise back to myself as Ben, and then come back, weeks or months later and improvise the other half of the conversation... Which is tricky, I would say."

The fact that the script was locked and largely remained untampered with during production meant the cast had a good idea from the start of the sensibilities of the project they were working on, and ratings-wise, the tone remained unchanged from start to finish, resulting in Seth Rogen's first PG-13 movie in a decade.

Quote:"I think it was as we started filming it, that we realized it did not need any overly dirty elements. It was really about family, and so we were like. "Maybe we should make it a movie you can watch with your entire family and not be terrified of what might be coming on the screen and how uncomfortable it might make you! It was a realization we came to pretty early on in the process, that it was a PG-13 movie. I remember, we all looked at each other and thought, is that what's happening? And it was!"

An American Pickle tells the tale of Herschel Greenbaum, played by Seth Rogen. An immigrant who comes to American and finds work in a pickle factory. An accident causes him to get preserved among the pickles he manufactured. Herschel awakes centuries later in modern-day America. Where he meets his descendant Ben, also played by Rogen, who is an aspiring app developer. The difference in world view between Herschel and Ben as the two meet and the clash of their ideologies forms the rest of the plot.
The film has garnered mostly positive reviews after its release, with critics praising Rogen's performance and the themes of family and spiritualism interwoven into the narrative. While the lack of any real stakes and a somewhat maudlin tone have also prompted some criticism.

Featuring a lead cast comprising of Seth Rogen, Sarah Snook, Jorma Taccone, Molly Evensen, and Eliot Glazer. An American Pickle is available to stream on HBO Max as part of the fledgling streaming service's original programming. So this news originated at ScreenRant.
by DuongApt at 08-10-2020, 04:47 AM
Paramount is deciding between three Star Trek movie scripts to begin rebooting the big screen series.

[Image: Star-Trek-Movie.jpg]

While Star Trek has seen plenty of activity on the small screen in recent times. The franchise's movie universe has been in limbo for years since 2016's Star Trek Beyond. Now, Deadline reports that over at Paramount. Motion picture group president Emma Watts is looking at three different movie scripts for a new Star Trek feature. Each of whom will send the franchise in distinctly different directions going forward.

The first of the three scripts belongs to writer-director Noah Hawley, who served as executive producer, writer, director, and showrunner on FX's Emmy-winning limited series Fargo. It was recently announced that Watts has put the brakes on the project with a desire to achieve greater clarity on where the franchise is headed before moving forward. If the project gets the go-ahead signal. It will see Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban and Zoe Saldana returning to crew the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Quote:The second script is the one written by The Revenant scribe Mark L. Smith, which Quentin Tarantino was once attached to direct. Although the filmmaker has since left the project, the script is still a viable option at Paramount. And is rumored to be "based on an episode of the classic 'Star Trek' series that takes place largely earthbound in a 1930s gangster setting."

The third and final script that is under consideration is Star Trek 4. The one that was intended to be a direct continuation of the Star Trek movies made by J.J. Abrams. They would have seen Chris Hemsworth return to play Chris Pine's father in a time travel narrative. S. J. Clarkson was attached to direct the movie but left the project after his duties on Game of Thrones started demanding more time.

Rumor has it that Hawley's script dealt with a deadly virus as part of the plot. Which might not play as well given the state of the world right now. The Tarantino script is being seen as a Logan-like feature that adds some gritty realism to the space franchise. Finally, S.J. Clarkson's script would continue with Star Trek's attempts to entice a worldwide audience that has eluded it so far, at least to the extent of Star Wars or the MCU.

For fans, the prospect of seeing a new Star Trek movie is an exciting one. But the fact is the previous films have not had as much of an impact as Paramount had hoped for, with Simon Pegg, who was one of the actors in the main cast, bluntly laying out the financial reason why the series was not churning out one sequel after another on the big screen:

Quote:"The fact is, Star Trek movies don't make Marvel money. They make maybe $500 million at the most, and to make one now, on the scale they've set themselves, is $200 million. You have to make three times that to make a profit."

Hopefully, Paramount will soon hit upon a proper path for Star Trek films going forward that will please both hardcore Trekkies and general audiences, and honor the celebrated legacy of the franchise. This came from Deadline.
by DuongApt at 08-10-2020, 04:29 AM
Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale directed Disney's 1991 animated version of Beauty and the Beast and received executive producer credit on the live-action adaptation.

[Image: Beauty-Beast-Original.jpg]

Original Beauty and the Beast directors did not make a "red cent" from the 2017 live-action adaptation. Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale directed the 1991 animated classic and were given executive producer credit on the live-action movie, which earned over $1 billion at the global box office. Some scenes from the movie are lifted directly from the 1991 version that Wise and Trousdale oversaw, but they were not compensated financially by Disney.

"I didn't get a red cent from the new Beauty and the Beast," Kirk Wise said. Gary Trousdale confirms, "No, there was no financial to it. And the fact that we got credit was a surprise to me." Wise then says, "Me too! Thanks!" Wise and Trousdale had no idea they would be receiving executive producer credits on the 2017 take on the story. Trousdale had this to say about how he learned about the credits.

Quote:"I got invited to the premiere at the El Capitan, which was a surprise. I know Don Hahn [who produced the original Beauty and the Beast] pulled strings to make that happen. And I'm sitting there with my girlfriend and the credits went by was like 'Holy crap there I am!' Don worked his magic with that as well."

Although Disney did not pay them any money for taking a story that they brought to life and reimagining it. Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale aren't really saying anything bad about their experience with the new version of Beauty and the Beast. They're also not saying anything negative about working with Disney. With that being said, they do have some preferences as to which versions of the story are the best. Wise explains.

Quote:"I have mixed feelings about the live-action remakes. On one hand, it's great to have been involved in movies that have had so much longevity and have created so much affection for them in the audience that they'd be excited to see a new adaptation of the movie... But also, it's like ... go watch the old one."

Gary Trousdale was far more direct in his response to comparing the two versions of the movie. "My completely objective and non-varnished opinion is that the animated ones are better anyway," Trousdale said. "And that's just me." Wise adds, "It's not just you". The directing duo are also behind The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which is on its way to getting a live-action adaptation from Disney, and Atlantis: The Lost Empire, which is rumored to get the live-action treatment. They do not expect to be paid for those adaptations either.

Disney's live-action take on Mulan hits Disney+ next month. And original directors Barry Cook and Tony Bancroft will not be compensated monetarily. So Disney simply does not pay the ones who helped bring the animated classics to life. Which has been a point of contention for more than a few of these original directors. So this mostly stems from the fact that animation and live-action teams are represented by two different unions, which proves as an effective loop hole for the studio.
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