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Adorable Home is a simulation game where you take care of a new home you’ve just moved into. You live with your significant other and have lots of pet cats. They shower you with love, which you then use to buy furniture, food, and more cats. Adorable Home is a simple, lighthearted game yet it captures an ideal life that many of us dream of. No wonder Adorable Home has taken us by storm.

[Image: adorable-home.jpg]

In Adorable Home, you and your significant other has just moved into a new home in the suburbs. You start the game by choosing your and your significant other’s avatars. The game even lets you pick a same-sex couple, giving our LGBTQ players representation. Indeed, you could even change avatars later on (for a price), in case your real-life relationship has gone sour and you want to move on in-game.
Regardless of who you choose as your partner, the roles would always be the same. You take care of the house and your pet cat Snow while your partner goes to work. Everything you do in Adorable Home makes you spend hearts, the in-game currency, which gives the game’s tagline ‘Design and Decorate with Love’ a much more literal meaning. The better you take care of your home, the more hearts you get. You get more love from your cats based on what you feed them and through cute mini-games that make you bathe, clip nails, and pet your cats. Finally, your loved one comes home from work and showering you with more love based on how much they like the lunchbox you prepared for them for the day.
It’s a very simple gameplay loop that anyone could get into. The reward you get for occasionally checking in could get addicting, but every session of Adorable Home wouldn’t take more than five minutes on average. Although the game starts with one cat, you could end up with more than a dozen later on, and there’s even a chance of adding dogs to your home if you’re lucky.

[Image: unnamed-1024x576.png]
Even in video games, cats just love blocking your TV screen, don’t they?

What makes Adorable Home special is its universal appeal. Regardless of social standing and your enjoyment of games, the fantasy suburb home with lots of cats and your significant other seems to be something a lot of us would love to get into.
Right now, social media is flooded by people’s screenshots of the game. There are even guides on how to get more hearts than you usually get, in spite of the game’s simplicity. It seems like Adorable Home has struck a chord in us Filipinos, giving us the life many of us could only dream of. At least, there’s now a game that would let us live vicariously of our ideal homes.
As a game, Adorable Home is a fun distraction that I would go back to at least once a day. It won’t take up much of my day’s time, but it will definitely be a game I’d be playing for months. The reward cycle of the game is compelling enough to encourage you to do the mini-games every now and then, but they do get old very quickly. Apart from decorating your home, feeding your significant other and your pets, and playing mini-games, there’s not much else to do in the game. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing – sometimes less is better, and in this game it is. We all dream of a simple, comfortable, adorable life, after all.
Rating: 3/5
You could start your own Adorable Home right now by downloading the game via the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

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