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AEW Officially Postpones 'Blood & Guts'
AEW President and CEO Tony Khan announced on Twitter that the company won't be holding their new 'Blood & Guts' match on next week's episode of Dynamite.

Khan said the "circumstances aren't right" to hold the bumper card they had scheduled, and so the decision was taken to postpone it in the interim. There was no word on exactly when 'Blood & Guts' will happen. 
Khan only noted that the show will occur "when the time is right".
This, whilst unfortunate, is probably for the best.

[Image: c6fb149054a29be9-600x338.jpg]

AEW can live off the hype surrounding Matt Hardy's debut for at least the next month or so. Instead of the promised double cage war on Wednesday, Khan is touting a "face-to-face, one-on-one" confrontation between Hardy and Chris Jericho. It's unclear whether that means they'll be wrestling or just working a dueling promo.

'Blood & Guts' was always going to be the kind of intense, bloody match that required some fan interaction to make it work. It'd be pretty weird to see The Inner Circle and The Elite do battle in front of complete and utter silence when it's one of AEW's hottest storylines.

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