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Always & Forever Christmas Review: This film is absolutely bonkers
Always & Forever Christmas is a movie where one of its earliest scenes has the main character deal with a random person randomly appearing in their living room, a random person who is supposedly Mrs. Claus, and just goes with it. She’s not worried at all about this random person who just appeared in her living room; she finds that there is no cause for concern. It is what it is, and she is moving on. She has a store to sell.

[Image: chrimas.jpg]

It’s bonkers. This movie (phim hai my) is absolutely bonkers.

And yet I found that I got no joy out of watching all of these things happen. There’s magic, there’s banter. There’s a climatic scene where the lead pulls a dog basically out of thin air! Still, the entire time I was just wondering when this movie was going to end because I wasn’t having fun.

Always & Forever Christmas (Phi Vu Dem Giang Sinh) was missing a certain ingredient that makes these bonkers choices fun. It never seemed to go all in on winking at how crazy the circumstances was, and it wasn’t brave enough to go all in on the sincerity Hallmark Hall-of-Fame style to make you buy into the crazier antics. It was waffling in an in-between and as a result, it was not satisfying in any way. But this is a movie where a dog was pulled out of thin air. So there should have been more joy in the process there.

[Image: christmas.jpg]

Movie Summary

When marketing exec Lucy learns that she's inherited her grandfather's year-round Christmas store, "Forever Christmas," she makes a trip back home to support the store during its final Christmas season before she sells it to a hip athletic leisurewear company. But once she is back in Vermont, she begins to understand why her grandfather's shop is so special with the help of local diner owner.  So Scott and the magic of a Christmas stranger from the north.

Rating: NR
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 120 minutes
Stars: Chelsea Hobbs, Christopher Russell, Matthew Kevin Anderson

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Always & Forever Christmas Review: This film is absolutely bonkers00