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Baby Task Group Review: A Chinese fun entertaining about the search for a treasure
There's a special treasure in the desert called "Heart of Desert". Some of the bad buys puts their eyes on stealing this treasure but got block off by the local protectors. But no one knows...the war has just begun.

Baby Task Group is a fun entertaining movie about the search for a desert treasure. Not a high production but really good scenes and beautiful colors. It's really funny in places, with some nice fight scenes, good story and, even though I did not like the name, because I thought it would be a movie for kids, the kids are really funny in the end.

[Image: babsytask.jpg]

They are part of the story but they are not the whole story in Baby Task Group (Ngoi Lang Kungfu). Good Chinese humor, some common intrigue elements about the hidden treasure, good vs bad, villagers vs sneaky city people, old grudges, a little romance, and so on.

I'm exactly the kind of person who wades deep into this action film (phim hanh dong vo thuat) , sees something that looks like a Chinese cross between Goonies and Indiana Jones and immediately hits play. This is that something and just so you know, it's not really a cross between Goonies and Indiana Jones.

[Image: babytask.jpg]

There's no grand adventure and the group of kids aren't really all that charming. OK, maybe one or two of them are. Either way, it's a low budge affair and while it is kind of cool to see a movie set in a Chinese desert (which I don't think I had never seen before) it does drag and there is a lot of making fun of the mentally disabled kid which everyone knows is just kind of a jerk thing to do.

Movie Info

Director: Jian Yang
Starring: Alex Fong (Phuong Trung Tin), Wang Haixiang, Zeng Jiang
Genres: Action, Young Adult Audience

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