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Back to the Future Part III Released Drew Struzan’s Iconic Poster
If you’ve been to a movie theater in the United States during any period starting from the 1970s and lasting all the way up until today, there’s a very good chance you’re at least passingly familiar with the work of legendary poster artist Drew Struzan. His movie posters are some of the most iconic in history, and over the past few years, our friends at New York City’s Bottleneck Gallery has teamed up with him to translate some of his gorgeous paintings into screenprints.

Now Bottleneck is back with a screenprint of Struzan’s poster for the 1990 sci-fi western Back to the Future Part III. That’d be cool on its own. But even cooler is the fact that the site is also selling prints of Struzan’s alternate, unused designs for the movie’s poster. Get all the details below.

Bottleneck Gallery and Vice Press have teamed up with Drew Struzan to release a limited edition, officially licensed screenprint of his work on the Back to the Future Part III poster. Here’s what the gallery says:

Quote:We worked closely with Drew, Vice Press, and our printers to recreate Drew’s original painting as a meticulously assembled screen print. We’ve taken every measure to ensure that Drew’s work gets the care it deserves when transferring between art mediums.

As a special surprise, we’re also releasing a print featuring Drew’s alternative concept for the Back to the Future Part III movie poster. This rare gem of an image wasn’t chosen by the studio during the movie’s original release, but it’s a piece of Back to the Future history that we’re glad to bring to the present!

[Image: poster-drew.jpg]

The following prints will be on sale starting tomorrow, June 16, 2020, at 12 P.M. ET.

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