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'Batman Forever' With a “Much Darker, More Serious” and 170-Minute Cut
Batman Forever was already being discussed online more than usual this year thanks to the film celebrating its 25th anniversary. Then when director Joel Schumacher passed away recently. Even more love was poured out for the goofy DC Comics sequel. Now the chatter has grown even more because there have been rumblings of a 170-minute “much darker. More serious” cut of the movie that’s just sitting somewhere waiting to be released to the masses.

[Image: batmanforever.jpg]

The first word of this much longer, darker cut of Batman Forever came from Marc Bernardin. Writer on Castle Rock and Star Trek: Picard and co-host of Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast. Not only did he mention the existence of this alternate cut of Batman Forever. But he posted this to Twitter:

Quote:I have it on VERY good authority that a 170-minute cut of Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever exists. Warner Bros. is unsure if there's any hunger for what was described to me as a "much darker, more serious" version. So, should WB #ReleaseThe20000Cut?

— Thiccolas Cage (@marcbernardin) July 2, 2020

Since then, Variety has confirmed that this longer cut of the movie does exist. And they even got some details about the additional scenes that are included in the 170-minute cut. Which would be about 40 minutes longer than the theatrical version of the movie.
The theatrical cut of Batman Forever opens with Two-Face holding a bank security guard hostage and attempting to air-lift a vault from high inside one of Gotham City’s skyscrapers. Batman arrives to save the day, and a helicopter action sequence ensues. But in the longer cut, the movie actually starts things off with Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) making an escape from Arkham Asylum. 

After apparently being captured at least once before. An image from the set of this sequence made it online recently:

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'Batman Forever' With a “Much Darker, More Serious” and 170-Minute Cut00