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Christopher Nolan Says About What Keeps Batman Fresh for New Generations
Christopher Nolan considered the long history behind The Batman and why Bruce Wayne continues to be relevant.

[Image: batman.jpg]

For many fans, Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is the gold standard for Batman movies that all future films must contend with. But the filmmaker's personal views are much more charitable. In an interview with ET Online. Nolan stated that one of the first lessons he learned about the Caped Crusader was that the character's massive popularity is a result of constant reinvention.

Quote:"One of the first things I learned when we went to talk to the DC guys before Batman Begins is the character of Batman thrives on reinterpretation. Each generation creates its own version. That's what keeps the legend so sort of fresh in a way."

It is clear that Christopher Nolan feels no sense of jealously if other filmmakers try to take ownership of the world of Batman. With that generous viewpoint, the filmmaker is looking forward to seeing Matt Reeves' upcoming reboot of the Dark Knight's legacy with The Batman. Which will have Nolan's Tenet protege Robert Pattinson donning the bat cowl this time around. So Nolan is confident the actor will ace the role.

Quote:"Having worked with Rob. I can say with total confidence that he can do absolutely anything he sets his mind to. And I could not be more excited to see what he does with Batman."

The sentiment that comic book characters are open to constant reinterpretation is one that has been echoed quite often in recent times. Jared Leto compared his role as Joker in Suicide Squad to doing Shakespearean plays. In the sense that the Clown Prince of Crime has been played by multiple great actors all with very different takes on the character.

Todd Phillips also reminded fans that his version of Joker was not meant to be the definitive version. But simply one in a long line of specific interpretations of the general source material. The DCEU is wholeheartedly embracing this ideology in the next few years. The concept of the multiverse that is to be introduced in The Flash movie will allow for multiple actors to play the same characters in different franchises. All of which exist in different universes which are all part of the same, larger multiverse.

This tradition of different versions of the same character started out in the comic books. Where Jim Lee's stories involving Batman showcased a markedly different character than Scott Snyders', etc. Traditionally, movies have been more hardbound by continuity. With Indiana Jones only ever being played by Harrison Ford. So there being only one Luke Skywalker played by Mark Hamill.

For now, fans have embraced the new trailer for The Batman. Which appears to be continuing in Nolan's tradition of showing a realistic side to Batman. Which also mixing in some of the gothic aesthetic that made Tim Burton's decades-old Batman movies so compelling. It remains to be seen how much fans will support Nolan's faith in Robert Pattinson as the latest Bruce Wayne. Even as the actor has already won many over with the brief glimpses of his brutal. Haunted performance in The Batman trailer. This news comes from ET Online.

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