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Cobra Kai Season 3 Trailer: Mr. Miyagi Mysterious Past
A new trailer for Cobra Kai season 3 indicates that Daniel LaRusso might not know everything about his former teacher Mr. Miyagi.

[Image: Daniel-LaRusso-in-Cobra-Kai.jpg]

A new trailer for Cobra Kai season 3 indicates that Daniel might not know everything about Mr. Miyagi. The original 1984 classic, The Karate Kid, is a heartwarming, coming-of-age, action, sports drama about New Jersey teen, Daniel LaRusso. Daniel moves out to California, finds himself targeted and bullied by rich locals, and enlists help from a most unlikely source — his building’s maintenance man, who also just happens to be a karate master.  The film was a hit, spawning two sequels (three, if you include The Next Karate Kid) and a 2010 reboot. The Cobra Kai series launched in 2018, picking up over 30 years after the original Karate Kid trilogy.

Cobra Kai stars Ralph Macchio, reprising his role as Daniel LaRusso, as well as William Zabka returning as Johnny Lawrence. Daniel’s bully and arch-nemesis now serves as a mentor to new young karate students. Cobra Kai originally launched on YouTube Red, garnering rave reviews from both critics and fans, and becoming one of YouTube’s most notable scripted original series, with season 2 continuing that success. However, even as season 3 was already set for production, YouTube announced last year that it was redirecting its focus away from scripted originals. Sony Pictures Entertainment, who owns and produces Cobra Kai, began then shopping the series around for a new home, to which Netflix was very happy to open their doors, acquiring the first two seasons as well as the upcoming season 3.

Today, Netflix debuted a new trailer for Cobra Kai, formally showcasing their new acquisition. It offers an exhilaratingly nostalgic recap of the legendary Karate Kid film saga, as well as an introduction to where Cobra Kai kicks off. It shows a more mature Daniel and Johnny, leading lives very different from when they first met as teenagers. Both now with teenage children of their own, their heated rivalry lives on, reignited through this new generation. And finally, the trailer shows a glimpse of what’s in store for season 

Cobra Kai co-stars Xolo Mariduena as Miguel Diaz, Johnny’s top student of his newly reopened dojo, Tanner Buchanan as Robby Keene, Johnny’s estranged son who wants little to do with him, and Mary Mouser as Samantha LaRusso, Daniel’s tough, but rebellious daughter who gets entangled between them. Framed under the musical remix of Joe Esposito’s classic fight song, the trailer speaks directly to how the lessons and choices of yesterday directly affect everyone today, as the teenagers’ struggles and saga begin to take center stage in the series.

Cobra Kai often features many characters from the original 80's franchise reprising their former roles. Season 1 brought back Randee Heller as Lucille, Daniel’s mom, as well as Martin Kove as Johnny's sensei, John Kreese. Season 2 saw Johnny reunite with his buds and fellow members of Cobra Kai, so it’s anyone’s guess who might show up for season 3. Ali Mills, the girl caught between Daniel and Johnny’s conflict, was teased last season, but from the end of this new trailer, we see that someone else is making a big return. That person seems to know some history of Daniel’s deceased teacher, Mr. Miyagi. Could this be Chozen, Daniel’s chief antagonist from Karate Kid Part 2? 30 years ago, they left off with a bitter and bloody showdown in Okinawa. It would be interesting to see what he adds to the mix if it does indeed turn out to be him. Cobra Kai season 3 launches on Netflix in 2021.

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