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Coronavirus Fallout: Here Are the TV Shows's Premiere Dates Have Been Delayed
'Fargo' and 'Walking Dead: World Beyond' are among those who have moved off of their planned premiere dates as the industry adjusts to the massive production shutdown.
Amid a nationwide quarantine that has prompted hundreds of TV shows to halt production, some networks are already adjusting their premiere schedules.

With much of the country stuck at home and rapidly consuming what remains of new episodes of broadcast and cable shows, FX was the first to back off of its planned premiere date for Fargo as only eight of its 10 episodes had completed production before the massive industry shutdown.
Now, other outlets have begun to follow suit as executives examine their inventory of originals and check in to see where physical production and post-work is. Other broadcasters, meanwhile, have also slowly started to adjust schedules to better position what originals they currently have in the can. (Sources say most broadcast shows that were unable to complete production on their current seasons will not resume work on those lost episodes.)

Here is the TV series that are being impacted and will no longer make their planned premiere dates. We'll update this post as more information begins to trickle in.

Note: New premiere dates are not available as it's unclear when it will be safe to resume production.
• FX's Fargo bailed on its planned April 19 premiere date as only eight of its 10 episodes had completed production. A
• AMC's Walking Dead: World Beyond will no longer premiere April 12 after the season finale of the flagship series. Sources say AMC wanted to hold its tentpole series to ensure it had one such original later in the year. Given the uncertainty about when production will resume, that's not a bad thought for a show that hadn't quite finished post on its final few episodes of what is being marketed as a two-season limited series.
• Showtime's scripted comedy Black Monday is shifting its release date and, rather than launching with two episodes per week, will revert to one a night, effective March 22 and stretching through April 12.
• Showtime has delayed the launches of docuseries Outcry (formerly April 3) and Love Fraud (May 8) to a date to be determined.

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Coronavirus Fallout: Here Are the TV Shows's Premiere Dates Have Been Delayed00