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Dame Judi Dench hates being called a 'national treasure'
[Image: 77881538.jpg]

Iconic English actress Dame Judi Dench does not like being called a national treasure.

On a podcast, Dench opened up on her journey as an actress and why she loathes the term "national treasure".

"I loathe those words, I loathe them. It's something very, very dusty behind a glass and in a corner. It's a relic and I don't want to be a relic," she said.

Dench also shared that she likes to play evil villains roles on screen.

"I hate to play parts that are expected. If a part comes through and it's some old person dying in a chair somewhere, I think 'oh no no, please not that'."

"I want to play somebody who you think is a benign old lady sitting in a chair but in actual fact she's bumping people off. I'm looking for a lot of villains to play. I haven't played enough," she added.

Dench has featured in over 100 films, including seven Bonds movies as James Bond's superior, M.

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