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Forum Formatting Posts - First of all, some basics
Sometimes it's not what you say, it's the way that you say it. It might stop your post being read or stop you getting a like for it. It might even mean you get a warning from a mod asking you to sort it out. This thread offers advice on formatting and delivery and it's a place where you can (if you want) do a practice post and get feedback on layout issues and similar problems.

Badly formatted/constructed posts are difficult to read and act like speedbumps in threads, breaking the rhythm for readers, and annoying other posters. It often happens by accident, when someone writes something that looks OK on their screen (often a phone) but looks dreadful on other devices. This thread will attempt to explain what goes wrong and how to avoid the most common problems.

First of all, some basics:
  • Please switch on your browser's (English) spellchecker, it will help.

  • Always reread your post before hitting the reply button.

  • Don't use text speak on the site, it's not only unpopular, it's against the rules.

  • Steer clear of text message habits in general, LOLs etc get on people's nerves.

  • Don't post in all capitals, it's SHOUTING, and it's against the rules.

  • Overdoing the !!!!!!????? keys and smilies etc makes you sound like a kid, don't do it.

  • Using reasonable punctuation helps people read your posts.

  • The site automatically resizes and adjusts its layout to fit various screen sizes. Poor formatting ruins this feature. That's what the next post in this thread will concentrate on.

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