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Halle Berry to Nicole Kidman: Hollywood stars heat up the pandemic workout
[Image: 78657336.jpg]

Halle Berry often posts her exercise pics on her Instagram account and is seen with dumbbells here (Pic: @halleberry/Instagram)

The COVID-19 pandemic may have brought about a lot of ‘cancel culture', but one thing it definitely hasn’t stopped is the fitness regimen. People have been adapting to everything from home workouts to the brisk walk or run around the block, terrace cycling and more. And celebrities and influencers have also been revving it up stylishly over the last few months. Check out these Hollywood stars as they get into a sweat, encouraging their fans to do so, too…

Reese Witherspoon
[Image: 78657364.cms]
Skipping is said to pack a host of benefits – it revs up cardiovascular health, increases stamina and agility and helps you bust the calories. No wonder that ‘Legally Blonde’ actress Reese Witherspoon took up the jump rope dressed in her khaki shorts, gingham top and cat-eye frames to show how it’s done. She posted with the picture: "1. Jump around 2. Jump around 3. Jump up, jump up and GET DOWN! ??‍♀️"

Kerry Washington

[Image: 78657379.cms]
For toned arms, take a cue from ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ star Kerry Washington who posted a photo off with her pink dumbbells. Dressed in an 80’s exercise look, the 43-year-old actress sported a T-shirt that read: Rocking a tee that read ‘Let's Get Physical’, while also advising people to get out and vote.

Nicole Kidman
[Image: 78657397.cms]
Bounce, bounce, bounce is Nicole Kidman’s mantra. The actress just shared a video of herself jumping high on a trampoline, revealing how 12-year-old daughter Sunday was behind asking her to do so. The svelte actress captioned the boomerang clip: Taken right after Sunday gave me the fantastic director’s notes to “Jump higher mum” and “look less scared”.

Halle Berry
[Image: 78657447.cms]
Bond girl Halle, who’s known to be a fitness fanatic, has been posting #FitnessFriday updates on her Instagram account every week that include motivational quotes with the moves. Her recent post was about a ‘wake-up call for the arms’. The 53-year-old shared a picture of her well-toned back and wrote about the arms workout and three quick exercises to wake up those biceps, triceps and shoulders.

Eva Longoria
[Image: 78657473.cms]
Here’s another actress who makes a case for strong arms. ‘Desperate Housewives’ star Eva Longoria posted a video of herself pulling ropes in a gruelling workout session shared how she was doing ‘hard labor’ in the gym on Labor Day. The fit actress who rocks a taut figure, often also works out with her young son Santiago in tow.

Jenna Dewan

[Image: 78657497.cms]
Jenna Dewan is a huge fan of pilates. She credits the regimen with helping her all through her pregnancy and after. The ‘Step Up’ star posted a video of herself trying out the moves over a month ago and wrote: “Pilates through allll the stages... Pilates is the only workout i have found that heals your body at the same time as staying in shape. Also #supportblackbusiness”.

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