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I Am My Sister's Keeper
[Image: 5eb27232debee0001d318971.jpg]

When women come together and help each other NOTHING could stand in their way. They are an absolute force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately women have been taught to see each other as a sort of competition. They've been taught it's more acceptable to tear a woman down than to build her up. For centuries women have proven that they are nothing if not strong. They have also proven that they are stronger united. So why is it that a woman's first instinct is to tear down a woman? I believe this comes from decades and decades of men forcing us to behave in a more "civilized" manner. Men knew that when women came together their power has no limit, and this power scared the men. Therefore the men had to separate and reprogram women. As long as the men did this the women were controllable, docile even.

Sisters, it the year 2020 and it's time for us to realize our worth and take our power back. We have to help each other realize our full divine purposes instead of destroying one another. Everytime I witness women acting destructively towards one another, I swear a piece of my soul dies. The time for change has come upon us. I mean do we really want to continue teaching our daughters it's ok to be repress the best parts of what makes her so special and beautiful? Do we want to continue condoning behaviors that encourage women to think of each other as competition? Do we really want to continue allowing our daughters, sisters, and girlfriends to believe they are powerless and the weak?

I believe deeply and with all my being that I AM my sister's keeper. That means fixing another Queen's crown without letting the whole world know. It means acknowledging another woman's success. It means just being there to honestly listen when another woman needs to be heard. It means helping to reprogram ourselves. It means realizing our power and helping educate and empower other women. Making a difference starts as one small ripple in a huge pond. This is very true but what is being left unsaid is that IT STARTS. We need to remind each other how amazingly beautiful we are because of our differences. We also need to remind the world of our greatness. Now is not a time to stand in the shadows. It is a time to boldly walk in the knowledge that you are a powerful queen on a mission of realizing her greatness. We must walk with confidence, our head held high, our backs straight, and our minds focused. Now is a time for women to take their place and to begin fixing what is broken in this world.

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