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In 'Tenet', Dimple has the wiliest performance, say international reviews
[Image: 77762281.cms]

The Sydney Morning Herald has lauded the film hails its action sequences as “breathtaking” (watch for the bungee-jumping, cheese-grater fight in a kitchen, an exhilarating car chase and a 747 being blown up). The review mentions its “broad and beautiful canvas spanning seven countries,” but with a “barely comprehensible plot.” The New York Times describes the people in it, existing on two planes, moving through time with “hand-to-hand combat on rewind and fast-forward” mode and says, “Washington and Pattinson are, far and away, the most compelling parts of the film, adding some sorely needed humanity and sparkle to Nolan’s proceedings by sheer force of charisma and the help of some stunningly well-tailored suits.” The Guardian described it as, “Supercharged with steroidal energy and imagination.” And says, “Pattinson plays Neil, a dapper, and slightly louche British intelligence officer in Mumbai who makes contact with The Protagonist, played by a toughly unemoting John David Washington.”

The reviews are looking good for Dimple Kapadia as Guardian calls her role as an Indian contractor as having been, “elegantly played”. And Variety add, “Priya (the wonderful Dimple Kapadia, in the film’s wiliest performance) serving principally to coax the Protagonist through the corridors of Nolan’s storytelling.”

Empire touches on what most expected, that it is a Nolan film, inside out. Their review says, “For the most part, everybody’s on a mission, doing their job, the film barely stopping to breathe, certainly not to take any sentimental detours. And nobody involved looms larger than Nolan himself. This is a film engineered for dissection and deconstruction. Just as Inception was, this is an M.C. Escher painting, but folded, origami-like, and with holes poked into it for its own denizens to fall through. It may not be Back To The Future, but regardless, it has its cake, eats it, then goes back in time and eats it again.”

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In 'Tenet', Dimple has the wiliest performance, say international reviews00