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John Krasinski Rumored to Have Met with Marvel Studios, Is It for Fantastic Four?
It may finally be happening, Marvel fans. For a couple of years now, pretty much ever since A Quiet Place became a massive box office success and turned John Krasinski into one of the most sought-after talents in Hollywood, people have wanted to see the former star of The Office team up with Marvel Studios on a future project. Particularly, the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Well, now it seems those gears may be turning, as Krasinski may well have just met with Marvel Studios.

We must caution that, for the time being. This can only be regarded as a rumor until further confirmation is provided. That having been said, at a time when people can use some potentially exciting news, this is well worth discussing. According to a new report, Marvel Studios has been taking virtual meetings during the quarantine and one of those meetings was with John Krasinski. 
It's said that a "multitude" of projects were discussed, but no specific titles were named outside of speculation. It's also not clear at this time if Krasinski is being eyed to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a writer, actor, director, or any combination of those roles.

It may not be much. But the fact that John Krasinski and Marvel Studios have finally, assuming this report is accurate, had a formal meeting is significant. Both Krasinski and /fantastic-four-john-krasinski-reed-richards-marvel-mcu/Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige have expressed desire to work with one another in the past. Not to mention that Krasinski was nearly cast as Captain America, with Chris Evans ultimately landing the role. Fans have expressed interest in seeing Krasinski take on the role of Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, in the new Fantastic Four movie, which is something the filmmaker is interested in as well. There is also interest in seeing Emily Blunt, who happens to be married to Krasinski in real life, in the role of Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman.

[Image: Marvel-Studios-John.jpg]

This is not to say that Fantastic Four is what's on the table as Marvel Studios has a ton of projects in the works right now through Phase 5. Some of which have been announced, such as Blade and an X-Men reboot. And others that we likely won't hear about for some time. Plus, this may not lead to anything. We've heard quite a few reports of various filmmakers meeting with Marvel about projects and nothing comes of it. That's the nature of the development process. It's about finding the right fit.

John Krasinski recently finished A Quiet Place: Part II, which was supposed to hit theaters in March. But is now scheduled to arrive in September. With that, he's seemingly free to find his next directorial effort, though he has been attached to several other projects. Such as Will that be working with Marvel Studios on a Phase 5 movie? Time will tell. But it does seem that bridge is being crossed. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further information is made available. This news comes to us via Geeks Worldwide.

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