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Luke Hemsworth enjoys a beach day at Byron Bay
Luke Hemsworth soaked up the sun at a Byron Bay beach on Sunday.

Sporting red patterned board shorts, the eldest of the actor brothers appeared relaxed as he sipped on a Stone & Wood beer.
Luke added a black cap and strolled across the sand before taking a quick dip. 

[Image: 26378274-8150211-image-a-31_1585124221447.jpg]

Earlier this week, several Sydney beaches were closed, including tourist hotspot Bondi Beach, to reduce the risk of people spreading coronavirus.

As of the evening of March 25, the total number of people diagnosed with the virus in Australia is 2,431 including eight deaths.
Luke is the older brother of fellow actors, Chris and Liam

While he admitted being a Hemsworth did 'open some doors' there was also a 'stigma' attached to the name. 
'There's an expectation that you need to conform to some sort of idea of what that is, but I just go about my day and do my work and my preparation, and make sure that I'm on top of my game as much as I can,' he said. 
Luke currently stars in sci-fi drama hit Westworld, where he plays head security guard Ashley Stubbs.

The Westworld star told The Daily Telegraph this month that his famous name meant he had to work 'harder' than anyone else to hit the big time. 
'I've probably had to work harder for most of the stuff that I do,' he told the publication.


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Luke Hemsworth enjoys a beach day at Byron Bay00