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New Justice League: Mortal Images Show George Miller's Canceled Heroes All Suited Up
George Miller's Justice League Mortal never happened, and it has become legendary among comic book and comic book movie fans. Over the years, information, images, and ideas have dripped through the internet, gradually building a vague picture of what we could have seen come alive on the big screen had the movie gone ahead. Now, filmmaker Ryan Unicomb has released some never-before-seen photos from the abandoned Justice League: Mortal, which would have been helmed by Mad Max: Fury Road's George Miller. The images show the famed heroes in costume, giving fans a better idea of what the team would have looked like in the movie.

[Image: justice-league-morta.jpg]

The first two images look somewhat similar to an image that was released previously, but they are slightly different - promise. The first image shows Batman. Superman. The Flash and Aquaman standing in a line in that special way that superheroes so often do, with the second image depicting Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and the Green Lantern completing the Justice League line-up. The costumes are clearly a lot more colorful and comic book accurate than the ones which have appeared so far in the DC cinematic universe, though notably, Superman's red underpants are still on the missing list.

The third and final image is a close-up shot of Megan Gale, who was all set to play Wonder Woman. The costume is quite similar to the one that ended up being worn by Gal Gadot in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice but again has a much more vibrant pop of color throughout. Other than the more colorful, Golden Age comic book vibe. The costumes look more like what we would expect to see in a small screen adaptation of these characters. Rather than the big screen. And no doubt most would agree that the costumes that characters ended up with are vastly better. Even if they are a little faded.

[Image: Justice-LeagueM.jpg]

Unicomb also recently shared a photo of one of Armie Hammer's unfinished Batman cowls as well as some concept art of the movie's versions of the Batcave and the Batcomputer. The reason for these releases is that Unicomb is currently working on a documentary of the production of the movie entitled Miller's Justice League Mortal.

Quote:"For now these are all I can share. I know there's MASSIVE interest in the story behind #JusticeLeagueMortal but there is pushback from the studio and most of the creatives involved. It's understandably a sore point for many involved. We're collating everything we have to be able to pitch it properly. It may require a kickstarter or something at some stage, or it may not. I'm 5 years into the journey of getting this made and I VERY much appreciate your patience."
"I know how important this lost chapter is to us all; as movie goers, as comic readers, as pop culture fans. Rest assured we WANT to be able to show you EVERY costume properly. We WANT to show you the Batmobile. We WANT to show you the Fortress of Solitude. And We WANT the artists who worked tirelessly for months to get their well deserved due. We'll continue to do our best. Be well. Stay safe!"

No doubt this is a story that many movie fans would love to see explored, and so. Here's hoping Unicomb gets Miller's Justice League Mortal made eventually. This comes to us from Ryan Unicomb.

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New Justice League: Mortal Images Show George Miller's Canceled Heroes All Suited Up00