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NXT Japan Plans was delayed?
look like the plain was dead before it's started.
Plans for NXT's expansion into the Japanese market appear to have been dropped due to the current global situation, according to Tokyo Sports.
This is since the coach rumored to be charged with training the fresh talent in Japan, Kendo Kashin, was released in the recent mass cuts which took place this past week.

[Image: eagag3x92v141.png]

Triple H spoke of his desire to set up a Japanese brand last year in an interview with Tokyo Sports. Reportedly, 'The Game' had even found a way to get All Japan Pro Wrestling’s Jun Akiyama in as a guest coach at the Performance Center. 

This could have even lead to some NXT/AJPW cross-promotional matches down the line.
However, thanks to WWE budget cuts and travel restrictions in place due to the current global situation, it looks as though all NXT Japan plans are now completely dead in the water.
Will NXT attempt to revisit the Japanese market at a later stage when the current global situation has improved?
Judging from this report, it doesn't seem as though the company is simply putting their plans on hold. It looks as though all hope for NXT Japan may be completely lost.

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