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Released WWE Wrestlers Offered Hefty Payoffs ?
There is talk that some of last night's mass WWE cuts may have come by mutual agreement, with the men and women in question scoring considerable payoffs on their way out the door.

[Image: Drake-Maverick-1280x720.jpg]

This news will likely be of little consequences to the likes of Drake Maverick, who, given his heartbreaking response to the news, seemingly wasn't given one of the offers described above.
Although left with a sizeable pay package may hopefully act as something of a silver lining for many of those affected. This is an unprecedented time. The economic situation is horrendous: these performers have just left the most financially stable promotion in the world, so the chances of a smaller organization taking them on while stocks are down is greatly reduced. 

Some of these people are unfortunately in for a few long, hard months, so here's hoping whatever they left with helps them get through this.
Still a horrible situation to be in, though. No human should be made to go through this.

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Released WWE Wrestlers Offered Hefty Payoffs ?00