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Selena Gomez encouraging fans to stay home and take COVID-19 seriously
Selena Gomez hopped on Instagram Live to tell her 171 million followers how she has been spending her time amid the COVID-19 pandemic and California's Safer at Home initiatives. 
She used the opportunity to introduce the new addition to her family, her new puppy Daisy
The 27-year-old also encouraged her fans to take the situation surrounding the novel coronavirus seriously while cities around the country go on lockdown. 
'Winnie is here and I would like to introduce my new family member, Daisy. Winnie and Daisy are getting along very well,' she said. 

Selena previously adopted her dog Winnie back in fall 2019.  

[Image: 26369554-8149457-image-m-19_1585099958997.jpg]

As to how she was spending her time in isolation, nearly a week after Los Angeles was put under a Safer at Home initiative, closing non-essential businesses and asking residents to stay home unless necessary, she's enjoying time at home. 

Saying: 'I just wanted to say that I've been staying safe watching some great movies, super into Tiger King, documentary series on Netflix.' 
Though she is one of the most followed stars on Instagram, Selena keeps to a minimum on the site. Though she said: 'I'll be coming on a little bit more, just to be encouraging others while being a source of goodness. I just know how hard it is for people.'  
'I wanted to tell you guys I'm in lockdown, I haven't left my house, just to see my sister,' she said. 'I hope that you guys are taking this seriously.'
[Image: 200128-selena-gomez-ew-245p_0141ebad6123...322d32.jpg]
Saying: 'I can't wrap my head around people not taking lives that serious and it's not to say it's to be hurtful towards anyone else. It's really hard to see cause I have grandparents who are with me, I have a six-year-old sister who can't be in school right now.' 
'So I haven't been on this too much just for the sake of praying for you guys,' she said. 'And honestly figuring it out myself trying to read and not go crazy.' 

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Selena Gomez encouraging fans to stay home and take COVID-19 seriously00