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Superfast Review: A Parody of Fast and the Furious From Vin Serento
Undercover cop Lucas White joins Vin Serento’s LA gang of illegal street racers. They are fast and they are furious and they plan to double cross LA crime kingpin Juan Carlos de la Sol who hides his cash in a downtown Taco Bell. The gang’s outrageous plan is as daring as it is ridiculous. And will see them towing the whole damn restaurant, at crazy speeds.

[Image: superfast1.jpg]

Superfast (Qua Nhanh Qua Nguy Hiem) starts as Lucas White (Ashbaugh) gets into a street race with Vin Serento (Pavinski) . So he can get into his underground crime unit who are working with Juan Carlos de la Sol. But Vin closest friend Curtis (Booko) doesn’t trust him.

As this film is a parody of the whole franchise we get to see the different characters from the serious with a comic twist as Lucas and Vin take on the crime lord.

The characters are parodies of the favourites from the Fast and Furious franchise. We have Lucas who is based on Paul Walker the undercover cop turned most trusted man of Vin. Vin Serento is the leader of the gang that welcomes Lucas into the group he runs the groups plans to stay ahead of the villain. We get to see parodies of many of the favourites in the series which all connect. We have rapper cameo, cool Asian guy and Model turned actress to name a few.

[Image: superfast2.jpg]

Performances – The performances through the film fully embrace the idea of the parody of the characters they are taking on. Everyone has a lot of fun with their characters.

A Parody of Fast and the Furious

The story takes the first 6 Fast and Furious moments that are ridiculous and make fun of them, the story does work well adding in laughs and working to get the idea of the craziness of the source films. We don’t need the deepest story because we know the concept of the source films ad this plans the parody side of the film well.

[Image: superfast.jpg]

The comedy for this action film (phim hanh dong hai My) works because we know how crazy the source films. For a parody this could easily be one of the better ones that I have seen.

The settings shown here take us into the locations that we found the original Fast and Furious crew which adds to the comedy.

This is a fun parody that knows how to take the source material. And make fun of it without just insulting it like many parodies do. If you are a fan of the Furious films you will enjoy the parody.

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Superfast Review: A Parody of Fast and the Furious From Vin Serento00