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Taika Waititi and Jeff Goldblum Are Working With A Secret Project
Acclaimed actor Jeff Goldblum teases the possibility of teaming up once again with Oscar-winning Jojo Rabbit director, Taika Waititi.

[Image: Taika-Waititi-and-Jeff-Goldblum.jpg]

Jeff Goldblum and Oscar-winning director Taika Waititi are currently working together on a secret project. Goldblum’s career has taken on a sort of cult status over the years, with a vast range of unique projects to his credit. Goldblum and Waititi became associated with each other after they worked on Thor: Ragnarok. The third Thor film starred Goldblum as the Grandmaster, while Waititi sat in the director's chair.

As for Waititi, since making a name for himself early on as director of the quirky yet short-lived HBO series Flight of the Conchords, the New Zealand born filmmaker has steadily increased the scope of his creativity. Last year was arguably the biggest one of his professional career, with the World War II dramedy Jojo Rabbit taking home the best-adapted screenplay Oscar. Waititi also directed the series finale of the highly popular Disney+ series The Mandalorian, which included a voiceover cameo as well as the notorious Baby Yoda punching scene. In the wake of these achievements, the future is shaping up to be a very busy one for Waititi, who is currently at work on three different projects – an untitled Star Wars film, sports comedy Next Goal Wins, and the fourth installment in the Thor franchise, Thor: Love and Thunder.

In an interview with CBR, Goldblum revealed he has always been a fan of the popular filmmaker and that he’s eager to work with him again. As a matter of fact, the two are apparently discussing pairing up on a new, “secret” project that Goldblum could only briefly mention during a recent interview. After being asked about The Mandalorian, Goldblum stated that he was a fan of the series and that he adores Waititi:

Quote:“I adore him, always did before I even worked with him, and maybe we'll do something again together. We've talked about doing something else that has to be secret right now but I would do anything with him, sure. And Disney+ are just a great bunch of people to be associated with. They are a wonderful family, how smart and sweet and kind they are."

[Image: independence.jpg]

Goldblum’s praise for Disney could be viewed as simply giving credit to the studio behind The Mandalorian. However, at the same time, it could be a deeper clue as to who might be behind this “secret” project involving Goldblum and Waititi. It’s hard to say either way, but given Waititi’s Oscar success as well as Goldblum’s commercial and cult appeal, it’s completely plausible that the pair are getting set to receive (or have already received) backing from Disney. Some might argue that Goldblum could be a part of Waititi’s upcoming Star Wars film, as secrecy is always a major aspect of each film the franchise releases. But the idea of an original Waititi project in which Goldblum stars is also a very appealing prospect.

For now at least, fans of both Waititi and Goldblum will simply have to remain in the dark on the exact specifics of what this project may be. It’s also worth keeping in mind that not every project that gains momentum in Hollywood always ends up seeing the light of day. But as previously mentioned, Waititi now has a fair amount of creative clout behind him, and pairing with Goldblum only serves to sweeten the deal.

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