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The Batman Fan Art: Daniel Craig Is Two-Face
After No Time to Die, James Bond actor Daniel Craig will be looking for his next big role. And some fans want to see him play Two-Face opposite Robert Pattinson in The Batman. Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman will feature several of Batman's most fearsome foes, including Catwoman, Penguin, and Riddler. For his part, digital artist Barrett.Digital on Instagram is hoping to see Craig play the next Harvey Dent in Matt Reeves' upcoming superhero movie, as seen in some interesting fan art of the fantasy casting posted online. You can take a look at the image below.

[Image: The-Batman-Fan.jpg]

Most Batman fans know the story of Harvey Dent, also known as the nefarious Two-Face. Typically, his story is that of a District Attorney whose face is horribly disfigured, leading to complete psychosis with Harvey adopting the Two-Face moniker to become one of Gotham City's biggest villains. We have seen live-action versions of the character portrayed on the big screen three times. Though Billy Dee Williams' role as Harvey in Batman didn't see him become the legendary supervillain. Later, Tommy Lee Jones played a more comical version of Harvey in Batman Forever with Aaron Eckhart portraying a more "realistic" Two-Face in Christopher Nolan's fan favorite blockbuster The Dark Knight.

As of now, it's not clear that Harvey Dent will have a presence in The Batman. What has been reported is that Peter Sarsgaard has been cast as a District Attorney named Gil Colson. Suggesting Harvey won't be serving in that role in this particular movie. It's still possible the character could show up in some capacity, as this could mean that the movie takes place either before or after the time Harvey is working as the Gotham District Attorney. As it is, it's starting to feel like the movie has enough villains with all that have been confirmed so far. But it also seems likely The Batman will introduce or at least tease other villains for the inevitable sequel.

[Image: The-Batmantwo.jpg]

Aside from Peter Sarsgaard. There are plenty of other names we are guaranteed to see in The Batman when the movie is released next October. Featured villains will include Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman,. Colin Ferrell as Penguin,. Paul Dano as Riddler,. and John Turturro as Carmine Falcone. Also starring in the movie will be Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner James Gordon. And Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth along with Jayme Lawson as mayoral candidate Bella Reál. Of course, Robert Pattinson will be leading the superhero flick as the titular vigilante.

As for Daniel Craig. You can catch his final run as James Bond. When he portrays the iconic role one last time in No Time to Die. Delayed as a result of the national movie theater shutdown. The movie was delayed from its original release last month and will now be released in November of this year. Time will tell which roles we'll end up seeing Craig taking on in the coming years. And it would certainly be interesting to see him taking on an iconic DC villain like Two-Face. The fan art shown above comes to us from Barrett.Digital on Instagram.

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