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The Blackout: Invasion Earth Trailer: Aliens Hiding in Plain Sight
[Image: The-Blackout-Invasion-Earth-movie-still-3.jpg]

The Blackout: Invasion Earth trailer: Aliens hiding in plain sight
After becoming a smash hit in Europe, Shout! Studios is bringing the sci-fi action blockbuster The Blackout: Invasion Earth to North America on Blu-ray, DVD and digital platforms, and has debuted the trailer for the dubbed version of the film, which can be viewed in the player below!

Someone or something is plunging humanity into darkness, and when it comes time for the end of civilization, it will not be terrorism or nuclear war that causes it, but The Blackout. An unexplained phenomenon has struck the Earth, contact between most towns on Earth has been severed. A small area in Eastern Europe is the only location that still has electricity, but when military forces venture outside, they discover a shocking truth: corpses everywhere. In stores, on roads, in cars, in hospitals and railway stations, and they must look for the answers to who or what is destroying all life on Earth and how long the last outpost of mankind can endure.

The film is written by Ilia Kulikov and directed by Egor Baranov, with Valerii Fedorovich and Evgenii Nikishov attached as producers. The Blu-ray and DVD editions of the film will include both English and Russian tracks, with English subtitles, and is available for pre-order now at Amazon and

The Blackout: Invasion Earth is set to hit Blu-ray, DVD, VOD and digital platforms on June 2.

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