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The Star Wars Story Group Writer Claims Canon Is 'All Fake Anyway'
Star Wars Story Group writer Matt Martin says fans can pick and choose what is canon because it's "all fake anyway." Official canon is something that has been argued about a lot ever since Disney purchased Lucasfilm back in 2012 for $4 billion. The studio immediately went back and started to pick and choose what would be canon moving forward. And left the stuff that didn't make it behind, dubbing it the EU (now Legends) in the process. Star Wars devotees have wondered for a long time what makes something official canon and what does not.

[Image: Star-Wars-story.jpg]

According to Star Wars Story Group writer Matt Martin, fans should just relax since it really doesn't matter. Martin found himself on social media trying to articulate his feeling about the process and came to the conclusion that the fans can do whatever they like with the source material. This seems like a logical idea for longtime fans who feel they have been ignored. You can read what Martin originally had to say below.

Quote:"What is and isn't canon informs how future stories may be told. But it doesn't need to dictate how individual fans enjoy their own personal Star Wars story. So in the example earlier the person was asking about "re-canonizing" a past story since that specific story hasn't been explored in the new canon. And I said if they like that story there's no reason they can't accept it as 'real' in their version of Star Wars. But if there was an opportunity to tell that story now that new creator would not be beholden to that old version of the story."

With that being said, Matt Martin may have opened up a can of worms with his next comment. Star Wars fans are incredibly hard to please. And had no problem tearing the new trilogy apart for various different reasons. Some of which having nothing to do with canon. However, there are a lot of people who hold on to these stories and treat them like they're something special and something worth examining further. Martin could have thrown a monkey wrench into this line of thinking when saying it really doesn't matter. He explains.

Quote:"So to summarize: there is a reason that we need to internally know what is and isn't canon so we can keep our line of official storytelling as aligned as possible but that doesn't mean fans can't individually pick and choose what they want to accept as true. It's all fake anyway so you can choose to accept whatever you want as part of the story."

Saying, "it's all fake anyway," isn't really what a Star Wars fan wants to hear and is far from something a person like Dave Filoni would say. But, Matt Martin isn't trying to put anyone down. Far from it. He's just trying to say that fans can enjoy all of it and that they can pick and choose what they like and don't. It's not the end of the world, these stories are here for entertainment purposes and Martin is here to help make everything work together smoothly.

Just because something isn't in the official Star Wars canon, doesn't mean it still isn't great or made with quality. Matt Martin has caught some flak for his comments. But he is trying to keep people entertained, which is not an easy job for anybody working in the Star Wars franchise. You can check out some of the interactions with fans from over the past few days below. Thanks to Matt Martin's Twitter account.

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