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Vince McMahon no showed From Last Week's WWE SmackDown
According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon was not in attendance for last week's Friday Night SmackDown on FOX at the Performance Center in Orlando.
He was, however, present backstage for Monday's episode of Raw, along with Executive Vice President of TV Production Kevin Dunn.
McMahon is known for being a constant presence in the gorilla position. Yet, ever since his XFL launched earlier this year, McMahon has occasionally trusted the people beneath him to run his weekly episodic programming.
This latest absence could have more to do with the current global situation, however, which is forcing WWE to air the majority of its television from the Performance Center. 

[Image: Vince-McMahon-scaled-1280x720.jpg]

With McMahon and Dunn both finding themselves in the older age demographic - which would mean they would be at greater risk if they were to get sick - this could just be a precaution to ensure that the pair aren't unnecessarily putting themselves in more danger than they need to.
It's also been noted that all of these shows are being filmed with limited and essential personnel only, with every person entering the PC being medically tested, too.

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