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Will We Get a Marvel or Star Wars Movie from Watchmen TV Show?
Damon Lindelof, the creator of HBO's Watchmen, is interested in taking a trip to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or a galaxy far, far away, in the future. Lindelof left his stamp in the DC universe in a big way with Watchmen, which proved to be one of the biggest hits of 2019. While there are no plans for a second season right now. Lindelof is interested in exploring other major franchises.
The writer and producer is currently promoting The Hunt, which is finally making its way to theaters this weekend after being delayed last year. During a recent interview, Damon Lindelof touched on a couple of franchises he would like to possibly explore next, given the chance, starting with Marvel. Here's what he had to say about it.
Quote:"I think that doing something in the Marvel universe, anywhere in the Marvel Universe, would be really potentially exciting for me, especially as they start to get a little bit more experimental. Some of the things that I've seen for Wandavision, for example, just feel like, 'Okay, now we're getting somewhere'. Particularly in a television space."
Indeed, it seems in Phase 4 the MCU is going to take some big swings. What little we've seen from WandaVision, which debuts on Disney+ later this year. Looks to be a trippy detour from what we're accustomed to from these characters, with the show centering on Wanda Maximoff and Vision. We've also got Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness coming down the pipeline. Which is poised to be a unique experience. Not to mention that the X-Men and Fantastic Four will be rebooted within the MCU sometime in the future. Which could open up many possibilities.
[Image: marvelatrt.jpg]
Star Wars is another story. The future of the long-running sci-fi franchise is a bit of a mystery following the release of The Rise of Skywalker last year. We know more movies will be made, as well as shows on Disney+ to go along with The Mandalorian. Speaking further, Damon Lindelof said he would love to do something in the Star Wars universe. But not for some time.
Quote:"At some point, but certainly not in the immediate future. I feel like I would love to do something in the Star Wars universe. Maybe a decade from now when I would no longer be blamed for ruining it. That would be a hoot."
Whoever is tasked with crafting the next chapter of Star Wars will be under intense pressure, that much is certain. Understandably, someone like Lindelof would want to avoid that pressure. Especially after overcoming the odds with something like Watchmen. Which defied expectations and served as a satisfying sequel to one of the most beloved comic book properties of all time. Imagine what Lindelof might be able to do for the MCU, provided the opportunity? This news comes to us via Fandom.

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