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WWE Network Ends In Saudi Arabia
What does this mean for the company's relationship with the country?
A WWE fan in Saudi Arabia Tweeted WWE's official Network account over the weekend to ask why the service was no longer operating in the country. 
He received a brief but concise reply, confirming that the streaming platform was no longer available in the country for the foreseeable future:
"Hi! Thank you for reaching out. Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. WWE Network will not be available in Saudi Arabia until further notice."

[Image: dfee2399cf7ef349-600x338.jpg]

At present, there is no further information on why the WWE Network has been suspended in Saudi Arabia or the implications this decision will have for the company's partnership with the GSA going forwards. The initial reaction is to presume there has been a significant breakdown in the two parties' relationship delivery of WWE's product is crucial to ballast any supershows presented in the country.

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