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WWE's Ridiculous Plans For The Revival Revealed
thank god they didn't stay.
Given The Revival's well-publicized attempts to leave WWE seemingly well before they were granted their release recently, it's pretty obvious that the pair were not happy with their lot under Vince McMahon's umbrella.

They now look set for a rebrand, with rumors of them taking on The Revolt as a new name. But had things been a little different - hell, a LOT different - and The Revival had stuck around, they might also have had a rebrand.
Just not a very good one, by the look of it.

Over the weekend, leaked images purportedly showing Vince McMahon's plans for rebranding the tag team as a comedy act has appeared. And to say they are not good would be to say the morality of the rest of this week's big WWE news has been... iffy, let's say.

[Image: QhKaXgg.jpg]

What's worse - the "hilarious" use of lipstick? The huge novelty hat? It's all very obviously an attempt to punish the pair...

The leaks are in line with Dave Meltzer's claim months ago that they would be rebranded as a comedy act and that Dash Wilder's entrance fall on a December episode of SmackDown as part of the transition into the new waters. There's some talk that the idea was to turn them into a spoof of The Fabulous Ones.

The plans dried up and they were taken off all programming as their exit looked more and more likely, but you can now see exactly why they didn't take to them quite so enthusiastically. This might also be why the pair made a move in January to tie up the copyright on "Shatter Machine" as they got their ducks to move. With that being a bit part of McMahon's awful new designs, they probably had renewed incentive to get it all sorted out to protect themselves.

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